The EUMSSI project obtains the highest European qualification after its second year of activity

The European Commission has granted to the “Event Understanding through Multimodal Social Stream Interpretation” (EUMSSI), that seeks to create an advanced technology for news treatment, the highest possible qualification on the review of the progresses made during its second year of existence. VSN is one of the founders of the project, in which are also involved key actors, such as the Pompeu Fabra University, the German channel Deutsche Welle, the Swiss IDIAP Institute or the Hannover Leibniz University.

Raúl Marín, Senior Software Engineer in charge of this project
Raúl Marín, Senior Software Engineer, key member of this project

EUMSSI is a revolutionary initiative that aims to create a new technology to ease the work of the media and enhance total coverage of any given topic. Its objective is to enable journalists to access a complete panorama of what is happening and what the parts involved in a topic are saying, together with immediate information on the public discussion extracted from social media. Its developments have been presented by VSN at the main international events, such as IBC and NAB Show, with great interest of the public.

The project is financed by the European Union due to its special technological interest, and after the progresses made during its second year of activity, it has gathered the approval of the supervisor institution, the European Comission. A study group formed by the Project Officer (staff from the Comission) and two external reviewer has analyzed the state of the investigation, in which VSN plays a crucial role, and has certified its quality with the highest vote available.

“We are very satisfied with the excellent qualification received by the Commission. We are talking about an institution that demands maximum quality in the projects that it evaluates and finances, and its trust is the best proof that we are on the right way to create a revolutionary technology to help journalist and mass media to develop deep coverages of topics and events from different points of view, enhancing democracy and an equilibrated treatment of topics”, declares Raúl Marín, Senior Software Engineer at VSN.

EUMSSI is a project that belongs to the European Union Seventh Framework Program for research and technological development and has a duration of three years. VSN works in this project hand in hand with some of the key institutions of the European research environment: Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany), Pompeu Fabra University (Spain), Université du Maine (France), IDIAP Research Institute (Switzerland), Deutsche Welle (Germany) and GFAI (Germany). For more information on this project and its goals, visit its official Website here: