The News & Live solution moves further with VSNLIVECOM and VSNLIVELOGGER

VSN’s new MOS studio automation, VSNLIVECOM, and the new live logging software, VSNLIVELOGGER, are designed for fast and comfortable operation place its NEWS & LIVE PRODUCTION solution in the avant garde of the market.

VSNLIVECOM is a high-end studio automation module that allows for the control of up to 16 videoserver channels (4 A/B/C/D, 4 auxiliary and its redundancies). It integrates via MOS with the majority of NLEs present in the market: VSNNEWS TERMINAL, Avid iNEWS, ENPS, etc. As it’s based on VSNMULTICOM’s motor, it natively controls a vast number of baseband devices (routers, MCS, etc.)

For advanced live logging needs, VSN has developed VSNLIVELOGGER. This module offers maximum ease of operation thanks to its custom interface making it perfect for environments in which it is necessary to quickly send catalogued media to postproduction or playout (sports events, press conferences, etc.).

Thanks to products as VSNLIVECOM or VSNLIVELOGGER, directors, journalists and producers can be sure that the most innovative technology will be on their side when on air.

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