VSN Chosen by Al Sabah to Revolutionize Broadcasting Efficiency

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Barcelona, Spain — April 14, 2024

VSN, a leading provider of media and entertainment technology solutions, and Butterfly Media, a renowned project consultant and systems integrator, are pleased to announce a pioneering collaboration with Al Sabah TV, a prominent media organization from Kuwait, aimed at redefining news production and broadcasting.

Under this strategic partnership, VSN will maximize its innovative VSNExplorer system, augmented with the PAM module for news production and enriched MAM capabilities, to deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of Al Sabah.

Key to the collaboration is VSN NewsConnect, an HTML5 plugin seamlessly integrating VSNExplorer within third-party NRCS, specifically Octopus Newsroom. This integration empowers journalists with a unified interface, facilitating swift access to essential elements such as text, video, and graphics, crucial for crafting compelling news stories and rundowns. Moreover, it equips them with tools for direct publishing to social media platforms, ensuring real-time broadcasting of breaking news.

Complementing the newsroom workflow is VSNLivecom, VSN’s studio playout automation system, intricately woven with NRCS and NewsConnect to enable seamless management of studio rundowns, complete with graphics control.

The project also includes VSNOneTV, an integrated playout system boasting a redundant configuration for MCR automation. Noteworthy is its integrated CG, serving both MCR and studio areas within the NewsConnect workflow.

For streamlined baseband ingest processes, the system incorporates VSN’s sophisticated ingest-only solution, seamlessly integrated with VSNExplorer to enable efficient while-ingest workflows.

Rounding out the comprehensive suite of solutions is a compliance recording system, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and bolstering operational integrity.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Al Sabah,” said Aitor Falcó, Sales Manager EMEA at VSN. “Together, we are poised to revolutionize news production, empowering journalists with innovative tools and workflows to navigate the rapidly evolving media landscape.”

About VSN

Since 1990, VSN (Video Stream Networks) has been providing software solutions for audiovisual content management. The company’s headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain, with commercial presence on all continents. VSN serves both companies in the Broadcast & Media industry and those with a need to manage, archive, produce, plan, and distribute video, including television channels, production companies, OTT platforms, public organizations, the education sector, and content distributors, among others. All VSN systems are ready for implementation in cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments and can be acquired through licensing or subscription-based service (SaaS) models.

Since September 2021, VSN has been part of Aspire Software, a division of Valsoft Corp. Aspire Software specializes in acquiring companies and manages a portfolio of businesses in various sectors. Aligned with Valsoft Corp’s mission, Aspire aims to propel its companies to the next level. The group seeks software companies with solid foundations and potential for continued growth, following their motto “Buy. Enhance. Grow.”

For further info contact: María Arenas, Marketing Director; maría.arenas@somoremedia.com


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