VSN brings its revolutionary “From End-to-End to Anywhere” concept to IBC 2015

During 2015, the leading innovative broadcast and media management company has launched worldwide its revolutionary “From End-to-End to Anywhere” concept, that joins together traditional content management with new screens, cloud and Internet, providing its clients with a solution that allows maximum diffusion of its audiovisual assets. Its media management system, VSNEXPLORER, and its streaming and VoD platform, VSNWEB TV, will receive special attention at IBC 2015 (stand 7.D25).

At IBC 2015, VSNEXPLORER will receive special attention

At IBC 2015, VSNEXPLORER will receive special attention

The complete VSN’s portfolio (covering Media & Content Management, MCR Automation & Distribution and News & Live Production) visits IBC 2015 with important developments that provide an answer to the content management needs of the sector. “This is one of the big annual events for us. We have been participating at this trade show for more than 10 years and our new developments for VSNEXPLORER and VSNWEB TV will be our big features for this edition”, declares Jordi Utiel, VSN’s President and CEO.

VSN presents at IBC 2015 a new VoD and streaming platform, VSNWEB TV, that allows users to distribute its assets directly from VSNEXPLORER (VSN’s MAM, with BPM, PAM and BI modules) to its Website or broadcast them in streaming mode, maximizing diffusion and content monetization in any platform. That way, VSN integrates new screens and platforms in the daily work of its users, that can create Business Processes (BPs) to automate online content management and distribution.

VSNEXPLORER, VSN’s MAM, PAM, BI and BPM solution, will also receive special attention at IBC 2015 thanks to its recent developments that empower audiovisual assets management, with advanced features for collaborative work, advanced cataloguing, Business Intelligence reports and quality control. Changes that bring the future of content management to the broadcast and Media & Entertainment sectors and that provides an answer to what users and companies alike demand.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Layer: VSN has integrated a Business Intelligence layer into its media management system consisting in a set of tools that transform its metadata into meaningful information for business analysis purposes. This layer is capable of extracting insightful reports for administration, finance and project management purposes, among others (only accessible through predefined permissions system). These reports have different views that can also be customizable, being the most common graphs or tables.
  • Enhanced collaborative work: To enhance collaborative work, users now can upload and download contents using the cloud, with transcoding, and files being editable from the moment that they are ingested. This important development comes along with a full integration with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, allowing for an instant sending of contents to social media. This makes audiences much more accessible, and allows for a quicker return of the investment.
  • Sports and Live Events cataloguing: Another of VSNEXPLORER’s new features is its integration with VSNLIVELOGGER, which enables cataloguing of contents directly while ingesting, boosting sports and live events environments and enhancing collaborative work and distribution to second screens thanks to the increase in productivity it carries. On the other hand, ingesting and distribution workflows with AS-11 are now available.
  • Quality checks on every content: VSNEXPLORER now offers full Quality Control (QC) on all content managed. This is achieved thanks to its integration with the main QC software, such as Baton or Cerify, allowing to run quality control tests with resources such as Baton or Cerify, both manually and automatically, when the material is received.
  • Total user customization: Thanks to the latest implementations carried out by VSN’s development team, VSNEXPLORER’s users will be able to totally configure all the visual aspects of the powerful media management solution: colours, logos, images, wallpapers… all with the goal of letting the own user choose the visual aspect of its daily tool and thus of introducing a personal approach to content management.

VSN will present this and many other new features at its stand, 7.D25. Those interested in requesting a demo can do so by clicking in the image below.


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