VSN integrates with QStar for “end-to-anywhere” Media Management and Archive for the film and broadcast industry

VSN, a global technology company specialized in providing advanced software solutions for the broadcast and media sector, and QStar Technologies Inc, a leading global provider of enterprise-class data management and archive software, announced a partnership to offer the film and broadcast industry an integrated asset management solution destined to complement End-to-End workflows and broadcast solutions even more.

VSN software solutions encompass everything from Asset Ingestion, News Production and Media and Business Process Management to Automation, Distribution, Second Screens and Business Intelligence, now adds a tightly integrated archive module from QStar Technologies, simplifying the workflow and presenting improved information about Media Assets no matter where they reside. QStar adds an “archive to anywhere” philosophy, whether the chosen archive is disk, tape (including LTFS), optical, commercial or private Cloud or a combination of any of these. Information about archived assets is communicated back to VSNExplorer platform using QStar’s web services API, allowing extremely tight integration between the two solutions. Organizations deploying the joint solution will benefit from long-term data protection, ensuring that information is preserved and optionally stored in geographically-dispersed locations. This will greatly heighten the reliability of their data archives, which is of paramount importance for companies in the broadcast, video and M&E industries.

QStar Archive Manager provides an archive gateway and advanced web services API, to support all archive technologies from all leading storage vendors. QStar Archive Manager is known for its volume-spanning approach to LTFS archiving, where an ever growing set of media is seen as a single share or mount point. Multiple sets of media can be maintained, each with their own unique set of file retention (WORM) and file management policies. In addition to using LTFS tape, QStar offers support for a wide range of Object Storage solutions, or Blu-ray optical libraries, including the Sony ODA (Optical Disk for Archive) range of solutions. QStar also offers data migration functionality to migrate content out of legacy MAMs or various archive systems and archive storage technologies.

VSN’s flagship product for Asset Management, VSNExplorer platform, allows users to effectively manage their media and business processes either on premise or in the Cloud, allowing a facility to optimize their efficiency and develop their daily tasks faster. VSNExplorer is an open ended solution comprised of several optional modules: Media Asset Management (MAM) for overarching enterprise solutions, Production Asset Management (PAM) for streamlining the control of production environments, Business Process Management (BPM) for workflows’ optimization, Business Intelligence (BI) for data and metadata analytics extracted from extensive VSN data sources or third-party systems, and Wedit, for low-res web video editing in the Cloud, including voiceover. All these modules allow VSNExplorer to provide clients with an intuitive and reliable platform to speed-up processes such as content archival and retrieval, files and workflows’ management, fast delivery to playout and analysis of content performance anytime anywhere.

Riccardo Finotti, QStar CEO, stated “We are delighted to announce the partnership between QStar and VSN, after many weeks of integration work. The combination of VSNExplorer and Archive Manager provides a best in class asset management solution for the broadcast industry. Asset Management plays a crucial part in the increased monetization of video assets and VSN is a leading solution in this market. QStar is pleased to add unrivalled flexibility in archive storage choice and, in particular, leading tape-based and Cloud archives, that preserve these valuable assets for the long-term.”

Jordi Utiel, VSN President and CEO remarked “This deep and elegant integration will undoubtedly provide users with one of the best of breed solutions to effectively manage both archived and online media anytime anywhere. Content is without a doubt, the most valuable asset of any given company, not only in terms of content monetization for pure commercial purposes, but also to keep unique and transcendent media files and data alive throughout the years for future retrieval, analysis and evaluation. Therefore, it is in QStar and VSN best interest to help Broadcast and Media companies to preserve this content in a safe environment through state-of-the-art technology solutions. Only this way we will be able to help them gain a real competitive advantage of unbeatable value.”

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