VSN successfully applies the Kanban method to develop its technology

With the aim of improving its internal process and increasing its employee’s productivity, VSN Innovation & Media Solutions successfully applies the Kanban method for efficient development of software, based on the “just-in-time” philosohopy developed by the japanese Toyota, to all its processes.

Jorge Muria, VSN’s Development Director, declares that “at VSN we combine different projects, products and support, something obliges us to be always on top of innovation and development of new capabilities and features. That’s why we trust in the Kanban method, that eases the daily work, improves our internal workflows and helps us to meet all deadlines and objetives”.

One of the pioneers of Kanban in Spain, Muria has been working for over 12 years in the television software as part of VSN’s team and has been able to establish a level of quality and flexibility never seen in the broadcast sector. Muria coordinates a growing team of developers by using primarily Kanban, tool that has successfully extended to other departments of the company, such as operations and marketing, increasing productivity and efficiency in the company.