VSN brings to MAC trade show its corporate MAM system specially customized for La Xarxa

In a conference at Audiovisual MAC trade show, celebrated in Granollers (Barcelona) and with more than 600 attendees, VSN has presented to the main representatives and firms from the Broadcast market its project for developing a corporate Media Asset Management (MAM) system specially for La Xarxa: a local TV and radio network from Cataluña that manages a huge amount of common audiovisual content for the complete region.


César García, VSN’s Project Engineer, presenting the project specially developed for La Xarxa at MAC trade show.

César García, Project Engineer at VSN, has been the person in charge of developing the project and has also introduced it together with Xabier Cabestany, Director at La Xarxa. The presentation of this corporate adaptation of VSN’s media management solution, VSNEXPLORER, to meet the needs of the audiovisual institution has paid special attention to numerous developments specifically made to address the requirements of the users. This way, VSNEXPLORER integrates now all the radio and TV platforms included in this institution, creating a unified newsroom for all the TV channels and companies of the region.

‘The project that we are developing for La Xarxa is the perfect example of the capacity of our Media Asset Management system and its real adaptation to perfectly meet all the end-user’s needs’, explains César García, Project Engineer in charge of this project. ‘VSNEXPLORER is an open solution, 100% compatible with other systems, that has enough flexibility to address all the requirements made by our users. In this particular case, La Xarxa and its associated network of TV and radio channels can now manage all their content from a unique, intuitive and agile work environment’.

VSN was the chosen company by a public tender organized by La Xarxa Audiovisual Local (XAL) -multimedia platform that offers content and services to Catalonian local and regional media (TV, radios and digital media) created by the Barcelona Council- for the development and installation of a complete unified newsroom and an advanced media management system for content treatment. The goal is to offer a wide range of quality content to a network of Catalonian media.

MAC Audiovisual has become after more than 17 editions in the perfect meeting point for the Broadcast and proximity communication industries. For this edition, VSN has collaborated with a stand  where it has showed to the public its Media Management solutions and with a technical conference to explain all the details of its VSNEXPLORER project for La Xarxa, that has received high appraisal from the audience.

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