VSN revolutionizes the Channel-in-a-Box market with VSNONE TV

VSN has recently launched a new product that expands its Broadcast and Media&Entertainment portfolio of solutions: VSNONE TV. A last-gen Integrated Playout, it meets the needs of modern broadcasters at an affordable price that includes everything that is required to launch and manage a TV channel. Rubén Martínez, VSN’s Production Manager and an expert in this solution, talks in this new Technology article about everything that VSNONE TV can achieve.

VSNONE TV is the most advanced Channel-in-a-Box

VSNONE TV is the most advanced Channel-in-a-Box

In the past few years we have seen how technological change has accelerated its pace. The market, in constant change, integrated the new tendencies in its normal processes at a high speed, leaving technology companies two choices: to give our best to adapt, or to disappear.

This process of change has changed TV; it is not a mere machine to show content anymore. Now, thanks to IP broadcast system, the audience can fully integrate their favourite channels in their daily routine, watching them from their mobile phones and devices, no matter where they are, on streaming or enjoying videos on demand. The new graphic system have made following a channel a much more immersive experience, integrating in the live stream the direct messages of the audience, expanding its implication with the content broadcasted.

The Channel-in-a-Box technology, traditionally associated to a product with limited featured specially designed for channels with equally limited needs, has also been revolutionized, part of this huge technological change. And the best proof is VSNONE TV, a new integrated playout from VSN that is going to redefine the concept that the industry has created around this technology.

This new solution offers users increased robustness and enhanced ease-of-use, with new features that can put any TV channel at the vanguard of the industry, and is launched as the new version of the acclaimed VSNMATIC. From the very own VSNONE TV, without needing any other system, it is possible to work on the content, generate programming rundowns for our channel, send parts of a video to broadcast, broadcast while ingest (Play While Ingest), keyframe identification, advanced layers of graphics without limitation, SDI and IP high resolution simultaneous broadcast, etc.

With this new and advanced solution, VSN contributes to throw down barriers between sectors, favouring that channels in need of a cost-effective solution that is also efficient in resources and space, have access to a last-gen, professional channel. With VSNONE TV, with just one “box” and one purchase, any broadcaster can reach the audience and distribute its content to any mobile device or screen and the Internet.

This way, VSN offers any broadcaster, no matter its situation, requirements or budget, an advanced solution that allows for launch, manage or expanding a TV channel at an affordable price that offers the best options for resources optimization and organization. VSNONE TV is here to stay and to change the rules of game: there are no more excuses for not enjoying the most advanced TV management technology.


Rubén Martínez

Rubén Martínez

Production Manager

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