VSNEXPLORER enables ingesting and distribution workflows with AS-11

VSN’s MAM is now ready for managing files in AS-11 format in all its workflows and functionalities. This development responds to a necessity expressed by several clients and makes VSNEXPLORER one of the most complete and powerful MAM of its generation.


VSNEXPLORER’s capabilities, increased

AS-11 is a vendor-neutral subset of the MXF file format to use for delivery of finished programming from program producers and distributors to broadcast stations. Widely used in important markets worldwide, this integration with AS-11 allows for a total control of contents, no matter its format or origin, and takes VSNEXPLORER to the next level in the top league of media management systems.

AS-11 files are intended to be complete and ready for playout. This format supports playout while the file transfer is in progress, a workflow referred to as “late delivery”. It is preferable for AS-11 files to be used by playout servers directly without rewrapping of the MXF data structures. The content may be delivered at the ultimate bit-rate, picture format and aspect ratio, or it may be transcoded at the broadcast station to the required bit-rates and formats. To answer is clients and users needs, VSNEXPLORER enables AS-11 in all its modules and functionalities.

VSN will present its new features for its complete portfolio of solutions (covering Media & Business Process Management; MCR Automation & Distribution and News & Live Production) at the important trade show at booth SL8006. VSNEXPLORER, its MAM, PAM & BPM solution, will receive special attention due to its recent developments that take content management to the next level. For more information, or the chance to book a demo or a visit, click here.

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