VSNEXPLORER now includes fingerprinting for content control

The latest developments made by VSN’s software engineering team have improved VSNEXPLORER suite of modules for Media Management with a new and advanced functionality: audio fingerprinting to ease the control of all the content and its broadcasting. This latest feature will be officially launched during NAB Show 2016 at VSN’s Stand SL8006.

VSNEXPLORER already has fingerprinting

VSNEXPLORER already has fingerprinting

Having all the broadcasted content controlled is one of the most important aspects for any TV channel or audio visual company. Considering this requirement, VSN has developed a new fingerprinting functionality for its star product: VSNEXPLORER. This latest feature developed thanks to VSNEXPLORER integration with Microsoft Azure platform, will be able to recognize and control content only by their audio, in order to make sure that those contents being broadcasted are the correct ones.

Each file has a unique identity based on its fingerprint content. Thus, the system is able to compare and contrast the broadcasted content with the one archived in the user’s own database, so as to make sure that content has been broadcasted when and how it was expected. Moreover, the system also provides a complete register including each and every one of the contents already broadcasted and it offers the user a complete control of all these files’ copyright and their third-party uses.

‘Thanks to this new functionality, we want to provide users a greater security and control over their content. This would be made by analysing the broadcasting signal to verify if the content being broadcasted is the expected one. Furthermore, all these features will run on Microsoft Azure platform on a Service Fabric basis’, states VSN’s Development Director, Jorge Muria. ‘The integration of this service with VSNEXPLORER and its modules will allow us to adapt our solutions even more to meet our users’ needs, in order to help them develop their daily tasks’.

The latest advance on fingerprinting will be officially introduced during the upcoming NAB Show 2016, where VSNEXPLORER will also reveal some important integrations, such as the latest one achieved with Microsoft Azure Media Services. For those people who might be interested in booking a demo of our products or personally meet with VSN’s team, they can register and book a meeting with us by clicking on this link.

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