VSNEXPLORER now offers full Quality Check (QC) on all contents managed

VSN has just launched a new integration for VSNEXPLORER, -its Media & Business Process Management solution with PAM, MAM and BPM modules- that allows for an automatic quality control of the contents that it manages. This is possible thanks to the integration of VSN’s MAM with the main QC systems, such as Cerify, Baton and Aurora, among others.

vsnexplorer offers qc

VSNEXPLORER has a new QC feature

VSNEXPLORER has integrated its technology with the main Quality Control (QC) software solutions available in the market. Thanks to this new integration, VSNEXPLORER, VSN’s MAM, offers the chance to run quality control tests with resources such as Baton or Cerify, both manually and automatically, when the material is received.

In case the user wants to make a quality check every asset has the action for this purpose and can be executed at anytime. Also, if there is a large number of files being ingested they can be automated by a workflow that would trigger the action once the file is ingested and will retrieve the results into the asset or even as a report at the end of the ingest process.

The result of the quality control report is saved as metadata, part of the asset. These items that are global to the asset are saved in a ad-hoc metadata tab, while the items that are referenced to problems in a concrete time code are saved as a segment layer in the asset. These kind of solutions include descriptions of the issues, levels of severity, number of the errors, among others. The quality check tab can be edited and adapted to the end-user needs and to the system that the client would like to use.

The quality check can also trigger workflows and tasks to users into the system to easily fix the problems and have the files ready to be archived, shared or sent to the playout automation.

This new feature will be presented by VSN in its modern and complete booth (SL8006) at NAB 2015, along with the rest of the new functionalities for the complete company’s portfolio of broadcast solutions (covering Media & Business Process Management; MCR Automation & Distribution and News & Live Production). Visitors can book a demo or meeting with VSN in this link.

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