vsnIPtransfer unveiled at IBC 2007

vsn will present its revolutionary IP content contribution system in Amsterdam

The Spanish company vsn-JustEdit will unveil a new state-of-the-art content transfer technology over IP at IBC 07, for the first time in Europe .

In Amsterdam vsn will showcase the latest generation of the ActivaStream product family, starring a peer-to-peer software tool, vsnIPtransfer . This flexible solution allows users to transfer high quality broadcast content through DSL or 3G lines between 10 to 20 times faster than the standard available technology today.

All search processes are managed by a powerful software application installed on a PC or a laptop. Users can access to the content catalogue, browse, select representative keyframes and preview the lo-res proxies, prior to any hi-res content download. Shortly after the transfer starts, incoming files can already be previewed and/or edited.

vsnIPtransfer is bound to set a revolution in the broadcast content contribution and delivery markets.

vsn 's IBC booth will host several real demonstrations using a local Wi-Fi network. SDI-quality content upload/download @3Mbps and live camera signal transmission @4Mbps will be shown and tested, both processes perceptibly lossless.

ActivaStream, a new vsn product family, features the latest available developments in encoding-decoding technology, video compression, signal processing and IP transfer, such as peer-to-peer technology, all managed by a very friendly and intuitive GUI. A 15-day vsnIPtransfer trial is available for download, both in Spanish and English languages.

vsn keeps expanding its installed base in Europe and Middle East and also its complete range of broadcast automation and network solutions

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