VSNMulticom integration with VSNExplorer MAM improves with new segmentation functionalities

VSNMulticom integration with VSNExplorer MAM, two of the key  solutions of VSN, has been improved thanks to the new segmentation possibilities offered by the trim module of the first one and the recovery of segments included in the second one.

VSNMulticom integration with VSNExplorer MAM improves with new segmentation features

VSNMulticom, VSN’s continuity automation software, keeps increasing  its functionalities after more than twenty years in the market.  On this occasion, the solution includes new possibilities for trimming the clips with its tool VSNMulticom Trimmer. The segments made with the trimmer on the clips of the solution database can be stored persistently, so they can be reused in the future. These segments can be assigned to a segmentation layer, as well as include useful observations that can be saved.

Furthermore, VSNMulticom integration with VSNExplorer (VSN’s MAM system) has been improved by allowing multilayer segments made in their logger to be sent to the automation solution for their use.

In addition to this integration, new functions have also been included in the VSNMulticom advertisement time-counting module, which facilitates compliance with legislation on the duration of commercials. This new feature allows advertisements comprised  in auxiliary events, such as overlayed graphics, to be included in the final time calculation.


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