How to integrate web based video editing in your MAM System program

Discover in this new episode of VSN Shortcuts how to integrate web based video editing tool in your MAM system using Wedit, VSN’s professional video editing software within VSNExplorer. Our Product Manager, Toni Vilalta, explains in this video how to use this simple workflow and shows us all the advantages of combining a video editing program with media asset management capacities.

Video editing is like a puzzle. Editors create sequences combining different pieces from videos and archive images. Logically, if access to these videos is easier, the editing will be more agile and quicker. If we turn our professional video editing software into a tool integrated into our MAM System, we can have the puzzle with its the pieces tagged, identified and ready to build our sequence within the same interface. 

Web based video editing in your MAM System 

As you can watch in our latest edition of VSN Shortcuts, setting up your web based video editing workflow in Wedit is simple. We just need to pick up an asset in VSNExplorer and open the player. From there, we can create our Wedit archive and name it. We can also add more assets to work with and choose specific parts of them to add to our project. 

For example, let’s imagine I am creating a highlights video including goals from today’s football league matches. With all the complete matches available in the MAM System, I’d just need to select them and choose the specific parts where a player scores in different assets and add them to the project, obtaining all the relevant sequences in just a few minutes. 

A web based video editor with full capabilities

However, we can also open Wedit from the main interface of VSNExplorer and access the professional video editing software. Once it’s open, we can see how easy it is to search and use all the assets included in our MAM system and start editing. We can drag and drop the video from the bin to the timeline and start editing. We can also search for a specific moment within an asset using its metadata. 

Once we have some clips to work with, we can perform any video editing task: cutting sequences, shift their order, or add audio files. In addition, we can record voiceover for our assets once we play the clip and start working with it. In our above example, this feature is really useful for creating news pieces or adding voice comments to the goals.  

A professional video editing software compatible with any NLE

Wedit allows us to continue our video editing in any other non-linear video editor on the market. We just need to consolidate the sequence and continue working on it in the software of our choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Compositor or Final Cut Pro. 

In addition, we can download our sequence in high resolution to create a new video asset. We can also create this asset in our MAM System and add the new clip to our media archive. Check the video to discover more about Wedit and do not hesitate to contact us for a demo if you want to meet all the features of the web based video editor integrated into VSNExplorer. 

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