The Cloud is not a trend anymore, but a real work environment for nowadays companies. Many enterprises all around the globe are already taking advantage of this new technology that allows to optimize workflows and obtain the highest performance of the available resources. So why Broadcast and Media & Entertainment companies would be the exception? Thanks to this webinar in collaboration with our partner Microsoft Azure you will be able to discover the main benefits and advantages that any company in the Media or Broadcast sector can obtain when working collaboratively in the Cloud.

Latest tendencies in the Cloud

How has the Cloud changed the Media & Entertainment industry? What main trends have derived from it? And how can we now face the new challenges posed by these changes?

Collaborative work optimization

New technological advances lead to new work environments. Wondering how to make the most of the available resources at your organization? Cloud is the answer you were looking for.

Cost reduction and content monetization

Learn how to maximize the value and monetization of your assets without incurring in greater expenses. Optimize your media company as a Cloud-based business!

New business models

New Cloud-based businesses have the highest growth rate! Interesting, right? Discover some tips to maximize your business growth in the Cloud and to leverage economies of scale.

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We are ready to jump on the next business revolution. Are you?

Learn from the experts

This Webinar has been developed by VSN in collaboration with the team of Cloud experts at Microsoft Azure, who have put all their knowledge in offering a complete overview of the hottest topic of the industry.

Discover what Cloud can do for your business

Cloud technologies are an open door to a world of endless possibilities. The revolution is here and any business can benefit from it by learning how to apply its main key concepts to its activity. We show you how!

Boost your efficiency and take it to the next level

Thanks to the Cloud, you can now quickly search your assets and access them anytime anywhere, edit them in the Cloud, share and publish them anywhere, work collaboratively, upload and download content faster than ever…Do you need more reasons to check it out?

VSN has been the only solution that satisfied all of our requirements; it is a 100% web platform and Cloud-based, really customizable, based on the latest technologies, and that integrates easily with all existing equipment. This allowed us to improve and automate all the necessary processes for the deployment of Turner’s channels, in a very fast and efficient way.

Alfredo Blanco

Head Project Manager, Telson 360

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