The broadcast business, likewise any other, should get the most of its valuable assets, that is, content. In a fast paced world which has become more user centric than ever, targeting and offering what each person behind a screen demands at all times is crucial to be at the edge of the curve. At this webinar, VSN and Harmonic explain how to implement concrete solutions to optimize and automate audience segmentation to deliver the right content to the right viewers and achieve greater returns on any TV channels’ assets.

Discover the advantages of audience segmentation

Offering an exclusive and targeted content consumption experience is always a challenge for any TV channel or broadcaster, but it can also become at the same time in a great business opportunity to exponentially increase our revenue.

Analize the main keys to achieve it

Get the chance to review with our experts all the workflows involved in audience segmentation and how to update them, in order to achieve user-based content delivery system that perfectly fits any media company’s needs.

You will see a real case study!

VSN and Harmonic will show you the complete continuity automation workflow that they jointly deployed at a TV channel from scratch, as well as explain to you step by step how audience segmentation was achieved for legal and profitability purposes.

All the pieces of the workflow brought to light

What systems were implemented by both companies to achieve the most efficient and customized automation workflow, considering all end user’s needs and requirements? We will reveal all of them!

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