VSN participates in the 2022 FIAT IFTA World Conference

VSN was at the 2022 FIAT IFTA World Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. The company was awarded as a finalist for the “Excellence in Media Management” award along with RTVE for implementing Artificial Intelligence features for the automated cataloging of the network’s historical archive. After three years without a physical edition, the executives, engineers, developers, researchers, consultants and media solutions providers gathered again to discuss and exchange opinions at the most prominent media preservation summit. 

VSN and RTVE, protagonists in the 2022 FIAT IFTA Awards 

 One of the main events of the FIAT IFTA 2022 World Conference was the awards gala, where the most outstanding and innovative initiatives in the industry competed in four categories. VSN and RTVE’s automated catalog project was nominated for the “Excellence in Media Management” award for the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence in this field.  

FIAT IFTA 2022: The media preservation summit 

It has been three years since the last physical edition. Finally, the media preservation professionals met again in Cape Town for the FIAT IFTA 2022 World Conference. The most relevant profiles and companies gathered in the “Century Conference Centre” under the theme “Archives out of the box!”. The assistants overviewed the main technological innovations and trends during the event in several sessions and seminars. They also enjoyed the presentation of many use cases for these technological advances.  

VSN in the 2022 FIAT IFTA  World Conference 

VSN has been collaborating with FIAT/IFTA since 2015. The company restated its commitment with its event assistance as a partner and member of the organization. Roberto Pascual, VSN’s Global Sales Director, represented the company in Cape Town. The FIAT IFTA 2022 World Conference is a crucial meeting point for the media archiving sector and VSN couldn’t miss it. FIAT/IFTA held its General Assembly during the event, where they reviewed the general state of the organization and selected the new management board. 

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