Adobe & VSN show the integration of their video editing and media asset management systems in a new webinar

Adobe and VSN announced the celebration of a new joint webinar on Thursday, June 21st. This virtual event will spotlight the results of the collaboration between both companies and the integration of their video editing and media asset management systems. There will be two separate sessions on the same day: one in Portuguese (10:30 AM, GMT-3) and the second one in Spanish (12:00 PM, GMT-3). 

VSN and Adobe will review their cooperation as technological partners through different demos and use cases on both appointments. They will explain the different collaborative workflow capacities between both companies’ products, emphasizing the integration of VSN’s MAM System, VSNExplorer MAM, and the video editing system Adobe Premiere Pro. 


Video editing integrated in a media management system

Thanks to these years of cooperation, VSNExplorer MAM integrates all its functionalities in Adobe Premiere Pro. Therefore, users can easily access all the cataloged and storage assets in the MAM system from the video editing system interface. During the webinar, both companies will showcase this process and its advantages in terms of efficiency and accessibility for their clients using this integrated workflow. 

Gustavo Brunser and Luis Bechthold will represent the LATAM Stategic Business team on the Adobe side. For VSN, Roberto Duif, Americas Sales Director, Roberto Calmón, Solutions Architect and Toni Vilalta, Product Manager, will showcase the integrated solutions during the webinar on Tuesday, June 21st. Those interested in this virtual event can complete their registration here for any of the sessions (Portuguese: 10:30 AM, GMT –3, Spanish: 12:00 PM, GMT-3). 

“This webinar is a great occasion to discover the features of Adobe and VSN’s solutions. The integration between systems like VSNExplorer MAM and Adobe Premiere Pro is an example of how the cooperation between companies boosts our potential and allows our clients to increase efficiency on different processes like video editing. For VSN, it’s essential to have the support of a company like Adobe and we are proud of our mutual collaboration and of the path that is still ahead of us”, commented Roberto Calmon, VSN’s Solutions Architect. 

“For Adobe, this webinar represents an opportunity to spotlight our cooperation with VSN. We worked together for years to integrate our solutions and provide our clients with the best possible service. In this webinar, we want to highlight the results of this collaboration and showcase all its advantages”, said Luis Bechtold, Manager of Strategic Business Development LATAM of Adobe. 

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