How to extract value from big data in the Media and Entertainment industry

Big data in media and entertainment has become essential during the last few years. Not only in this industry but in every sector, all companies trusted this technology and walked into the so-called Data era. Although the market offers us a wide range of Business Intelligence solutions, we must focus our search for specific tools to perform big data analytics for media and entertainment and make the most out of our content где взять займ на карту без отказа . We’ll try to give you some keys for that in this article. 

Analytics and big data in media and entertainment processes

In other articles, we’ve discussed the importance of process monitoring and how to simplify our workflow management using a BPM tool. In addition to this task management, we must take advantage of big data analytics for media and entertainment processes once they’re over. 

It’s useless to have an impressive and good-looking workflow for content production if it’s not efficient. Here is where big data in media and entertainment enters the game and when a system like VSNExplorer BI can be essential. This system gives us all the information about our processes and identifies every bottleneck, offering different possible solutions to solve them. 

Big data analytics for Media and Entertainment

It’s imperative that our BI tool can provide relevant information about media to perform our big data analytics for Media and Entertainment. It seems logical to trust a solution specifically created for this industry and every video content process rather than one designed for other industries. 

VSNExplorer BI gives us all the information we need from big data in Media and Entertainment. It analyzes every aspect of audiovisual content and provides relevant information for the user. Thanks to its integration with VSNExplorer MAM and third-party systems, it allows combining different sources of big data analytics for media and entertainment, obtaining more complete and relevant information. 

Customize your data analysis

As we said, the quality of the information is important, but how this data is presented is also essential. Our BI system must be flexible and enable the customization of data reports and graphics. We should be able to customize the appearance and presentation of big data in media and entertainment and filter the information. It should also provide the option to export this data to other formats.  

With VSNExplorer BI, the user can customize the appearance of all graphics, tables and reports within the system (charts, columns, rankings, speedometers, etc.). Apart from this, it enables deploying this information in dashboards and exporting it in different formats (PDF, Word and Excel). 

Squeeze your big data analytics for Media and Entertainment 

On many occasions, data analysis surprises us. Numbers are cold and don’t follow trends or feelings. Thanks to the big data in media and entertainment, we can understand and track the performance of our audiovisual content. This information is essential for our business to establish new processes and optimize monetization. With VSNExplorer BI, we can obtain an amount of data that will help us take the next step and fix our workflows bottlenecks. If you want to know more about this solution, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule your demo.

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