Four tips to automate your media workflows management

Supply chain orchestration is essential for every company. The decision of whom, when, what and how must a task perform requires specific tools to ensure the organization is efficient and successful. Even more so in Broadcast & Media, where every media workflow must be listed and scheduled to allow successful content production, distribution and preservation. 

We can improve the efficiency in media workflows management using automation tools. In this article, we bring you four musts to take the most out of this technology. 

1. Achieve a visual supply chain orchestration 

First, you’ll need a tool to visualize all your media workflows and the connection between different tasks from the beginning of the process until the end. To make the management of this supply chain orchestration more accessible, the software must allow you to move, drag & drop and edit all the tasks and check their status. Moreover, it is essential that we can save the successful workflows we used previously to implement them quickly in future processes.  

On the other hand, this tool must follow the Standard BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). This standardized graphical notation allows the modeling of business processes in a workflow format. 

2. Collaborative media workflows management

Make sure that your content supply orchestration tool allows collaborative use and management. This functionality is essential in the remote production era. That’s why our BPM must be suitable for cloud environments that enable remote access, in addition to the on-premise installation. 

Furthermore, our platform needs a simple and easy-to-use interface where users can check the status of their assigned and completed tasks. The automatic notifications once a task is assigned to a user are also a must. Thanks to this, the task performance is more efficient as the time lapse between the assignment and the implementation is shorter.  

3. Monitor and control each step

In addition, we need to ensure that everything is on track while performing our media workflows. Therefore, the panel control is essential to reorganize the supply chain orchestration or to assign new tasks. 

Here is where Kanban workflow management enters the game. This supply chain orchestration system allows visualization of the different tasks that must be performed. It enables a general view of their progress and status, from the beginning of the process until its end. Kanban’s main goal is to efficiently administrate our media workflows and avoid the bottlenecks in inefficient tasks. 

4. Integrate your media workflows with media solutions

We arrive at the fourth tip, where we encourage you to rely on a BPM that enables its integration with other essential tools for media management. For example, we can take advantage of a Business Intelligence system that allows you to count on analytical reports of the process that opens the door to an optimization of the reports, as we would have a general vision that gives us a diagnosis of our needs for investment in some specific areas. 

In addition, integrating our BPM with a MAM system like VSNExplorer MAM allows us to control every step of media management in the same interface where we manage all the media workflows. Even more, if we also count on a BMS like VSNCrea from where we can schedule all our content and advertising. 

VSNExplorer BPM, your media workflows metronome

You can find all these musts in VSNExplorer BPM, the media workflows management system of VSN. This system acts as a metronome of your business, allowing you to create, manage, customize and automate all the steps in your supply chain orchestration. 

Its web interface allows access to multiple users in different locations. They only need a web browser to access and collaborate with the building of media workflows. Monitor in real-time all the processes and automate the management of your workflows. If you want to know more about improving the efficiency of your media workflows with VSNExplorer BPM, do not hesitate to contact our professionals and schedule your demo. 

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