Choosing a MAM system? What you should have in mind

The evolution of the Media & Entertainment industry has made it mandatory to acquire a MAM system in order to manage files, larger and heavier than ever, and in order to be organized with its endless assets and get the most out of them. In a highly competitive environment, multi-screen and multi-format, only companies with an effective work ethic, that truly rely on IT to improve their organization processes, will survive.


What to keep in mind when choosing a MAM system?

To wrap up all this information, here are a few ideas that will serve you well when making such an important decision as it is choosing a Media Asset Management (MAM) system:

  • Be clear and concise about what is the volume of the company’s assets. Clarify the size, value and the main goal of the MAM System before its implementation.
  • Rethink the organization’s current processes and how IT Systems, such as MAM, can help optimize those processes and automate new ones. The many you automate, the merrier: employees will have more time and resources to increase the quality of their daily work.
  • Plan the metadata structure, remember how important metadata is and how the entire company can be structured to have different layers of information.
  • Lastly, remember that the environment and the industry will change in a short period of time, and that future-proof solutions will give you the peace of mind you need to get the best from your business. Sooner or later MAM will be an entire ERP or a CMS: make sure you can scale with ease and add parts according to your needs.

Above all, VSN invites you to plan ahead. Remember that the better an deployment is planned, the more satisfied the organization will be with its execution. Make sure your consultant or sales representatives understand your needs and over-delivers in its execution. We are sure ours will do so. Have a chat with them, dig deeper in our portfolio or have a look at our “Everything you need to know before choosing a MAM system” White Paper.


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