What we lived at IBC Show 2022

We were looking forward to coming back to IBC Show 2022. After last year’s cancelation, when we felt like the fox watching the geese, the expectations were high for this media show in 2022. The good vibrations we felt at NAB 2022 were confirmed by the productive days at IBC Show 2022, which included many high-quality meetings. At the same time, we took the chance to take the pulse of the industry and understand the future of media events and the trends to come. We present you some of the key points in this article. 

More meetings and work at IBC Show 2022

For this 2022’s edition of one of the most relevant media shows in the world, VSN decided to take the advice that many of our partners and clients gave us in previous editions: The request for a more private and quiet space for meetings, product demos and to work. Therefore, we set our base camp at IBC Show 2022 in two meeting rooms in Hall 8. 

However, that wasn’t our only operations base at the media show in 2022. We also had a presence on the floor along with other companies of Aspire Software. Obviously, we wouldn’t allow leaving IBC Show 2022 without the presence of VSN’s logo. 

After picking up our visitor’s feedback, we can conclude that the experience of our new format was positive. Many thanked us and valued the opportunity to perform meetings outside the media show’s hustle and bustle. At the same time, the privacy of these rooms was another point for our format. All this without losing focus on the many visitors who came to our stand, thanks to the proximity between both locations. These two options allowed us to offer a complete experience to our visitors. 

IBC Show 2022’s starring star: The Cloud

As in other media shows in 2022, the arrival of Cloud technology in our industry was on everyone’s lips. We confirmed this point in many conversations with different visitors and professional forums like Devoncroft’s Executive Summit. However, at IBC Show 2022, cloud was not so much the protagonist as the adaptation that many industry companies, clients and media solutions providers, must carry out. A concept overflew over the rest: Technical Agility. 

Currently, product cycles abandoned the long lifecycle that used to have. Thanks to cloud technology, the installation of new functionalities and products is easier and more agile. Nowadays, clients are always looking to incorporate the latest technology, but the challenge now is where to drive this investment in a changing world. 

We find media solutions providers on the other side of the table. They used to compete for the latest technological disruptions and now they also have to compete with agility. They must be able to install and implement their products in short and quick terms and incorporate new updates constantly. VSN’s solutions were ready for this scenario years ago thanks to its adaptation to the cloud environment. 

Get ready for the impossible

On many chats at IBC Show 2022, professionals pointed out the importance of prevention plans to face any unexpected situation. With the “show must go on” premise, many Broadcast and Media companies want to ensure that their activity is not compromised by a major system failure, an internet blackout, or someone turning on the fire alarm. This last example was a real issue for the British Channel 4 and was mentioned during Devoncroft’s Executive Summit. 

The main conclusions of the industry experts were that we need to make sure that our provider counts with a trained and prepared support team ready for these emergencies. At the same time, we need to precisely define the process to face these situations and continuously perform test exercises. These pieces of advice weren’t a surprise for VSN, as we faced many challenges successfully thanks to one of the most valued support services in the industry. If you want to discover how they work, watch this interview. 

The future of the media show after 2022 

Obviously, we didn’t miss the show and we took a walk on IBC Show 2022 pavilions. During this edition, we realized that most industry companies were present. However, we also confirmed that many of them will reduce their presence on media shows after 2022. According to Devoncroft, 57% of companies are considering reducing their presence in tradeshows. Despite that, we found a remarkable public and exhibitors’ presence in Amsterdam. 

Another trend we lived before at NAB 2022 and was confirmed at IBC Show 2022 is the high quality of the meetings and work sessions. The curious visitor profile has decreased and maybe there is an open door for media shows after 2022: Offering a working environment for the industry and specialized professionals that want to close specific projects. 

Before we close this blog article, we wouldn’t like to miss the opportunity to talk about the problems that many of the visitors faced on their home return from Schiphol’s airport: long lines to access the airport, a minimum of two hours to pass the security check and access the boarding zone, and many flight cancelations. It surprised us that after many years in Amsterdam, the Dutch city wasn’t ready for the high number of IBC visitors that left the city in a few hours. However, we are definitely looking forward to IBC 2023.  

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