VSN live from NAB 2022: We’re back!

VSN is showcasing at NAB 2022. We’ve waited too long to write this sentence, but we are finally back at a physical tradeshow. This time, nothing stopped NAB 2022 in Las Vegas and we were looking forward to meeting again with the Broadcast and Media industry. Live from Booth N.925, we share with you all our activities during the first days of NAB Show 2022. 

Our stand at NAB 2022 

Our team landed in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 21st. Despite NAB Show official opening is on Saturday, it’s essential for our team to stand in Las Vegas with our constructors to check and control that there is no problem with our booth. Our stan at NAB 2022 requires months of work in terms of graphic design and logistics and nothing can be left to chance. Also, the building of our booth is a challenge as our solutions require good electrical and digital connectivity. 

These first days are also an opportunity to witness all the potential of NAB Show. Hundreds of exhibitors work together against the clock to build their stands and prepare their products to impact the audience. 

VSN’s meeting at NAB 2022

While the stand was getting its shape, the rest of VSN’s team arrived in Las Vegas. The planes were landing from different places like Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico, Chile or Uruguay. After two years, NAB Show 2022 represents the first physical meeting for many of our professionals. We had the opportunity to see each other’s faces without using a screen and share some days of work. This was something that gave us extra motivation as Roberto Duif, our Sales Director for America, confessed in this interview. 

VSN Breakfast with our partners at NAB 2022 

Besides our team reunion, NAB Show 2022 allowed us to meet again with the press and our commercial and technological partners. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see all of them and we decided to organize a new edition of our exclusive VSN Breakfast at NAB Show. The attendees were received by our COO, Aaron López, and our Sales Director, Roberto Pascual. They explained the current situation of the company and how the acquisition by Valsoft Corporation is boosting several aspects like product development and marketing actions. 

The media trends of NAB 2022

After that, we had time to review the main market trends of the moment.  Among them, the spotlight was set on how cloud technology dominates and how it came hand in hand with the SaaS business model. Apart from the advantages of this technology, we showed how VSN’s products adapted to the market and are now available on Cloud and under SaaS offering, apart from the classic CAPEX and licensing models. 

In addition, we talked about remote production and how VSNExplorer MAM and VSNExplorer PAM are great allies to this workflow. We also had time to speak about Artificial Intelligence and the project developed with RTVE for the automated catalog of the historical archive of the Spanish public network. Besides that, we reviewed the changes in the buyers’ profiles and how they are betting on more flexible solutions integrated by multiple suppliers thanks to the SaaS model, which opens the door to this flexibility that pushes for continuous customer service. 

VSN’s news and use cases at NAB Show 2022 

Apart from these trends, Roberto Pascual talked about the company’s current position in the market. He showed the 2021 Big Broadcast Survey carried by Devoncroft, where VSN appears in the Top 30 companies of the eight categories. Besides that, Roberto highlighted the preeminent position in some of them like “Great Customer Service” (Top 3), “Easy to Work With” (Top 5) or “Value for Money” (Top 10), where VSN is ahead of its main competitors. 

Roberto Duif, Sales Director America, showed some of the leading projects in the North American and LATAM market with several use cases. Among them, he pointed to the capacity of VSN to perform 100% digital projects, like the installation deployed in the Canadian public channel TVO or in TV + in Chile and Latina in Peru. Apart from this, he also showed the work done at AMC Networks with automated image management and the Argentinian company, Flow Cablevisión, with the automation of its workflows using VSNExplorer MAM and VSNCrea.    

Finally, Ricardo Quintanilla, Head of Marketing, presented the company’s new digital strategy. After the renewal of VSN corporate image, he highlighted the website growth and the success of different digital actions like VSN Spotlight. 

NAB 2022: Ready for the first day 

After this first contact, the moment of the truth arrived at NAB Show 2022 on Sunday at 10:00 AM with the opening of the tradeshow’s hall. Some minutes before, the VSN team finished the last details of our stand, which represents a new era with the new logo presiding and showing all its potential: visual, attractive and displaying the values of a modern and innovative company. 

Time to end details of some demos, arrange the last meetings, schedule the agenda and heat up the machine. The doors opened of NAB 2022 were opened and the show started. The long wait has ended. 

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