Imagen Television begins broadcasting as the third national channel of Mexico thanks to VSN’s MCR systems

The new and open television network, Imagen Television Mexico, has broken more than two decades without creating new operators in this industry and it has begun to automate their emissions through the implementation of the VSNMULTICOM redundant solution. The channel began broadcasting on the 17th of October and is already broadcasting in 60 cities through 123 stations, covering a total audience of over 70 million people.

VSNMULTICOM Imagen TelevisionThe cluster Grupo Imagen, which belongs to Grupo Empresarial Angeles, has placed its trust in VSN’s technology to automate and manage the entire workflow of emissions from its new television channel, Imagen Television, which was officially released on October 17.

This project required the implementation of a complete Master Control Room automation workflow perfectly integrated with all third-party equipment available to provide Imagen Television with a reliable emission to be aired. To this end, VSN along with Teletec, successfully launched two VSNMULTICOM systems that are responsible for ensuring an uninterrupted broadcast 24 hours a day, thanks to the installation of a complete automation solution with redundancy configuration in parallel.

In order to establish an end-to-end automation workflow, VSN developed, thanks to the VSNSPIDER framework, a complete integration of both VSNMULTICOM and VSNEXPLORER MAM (which also works now for MCR environments) to manage files along with Harmonic Spectrum Video Servers, Icon Master mixer from Imagine Communications and Orad graphics systems from Avid.

Imagen Televisión

The end result of this project allows Imagen Television to have a fully MCR automation workflow to export files and video clips to broadcast servers, allowing  the system itself to call video-servers when a clip or scheduled program in the rundown is not ready to be aired. This process grants the network of both safety and efficiency within its processes.

The new channel, which ends 23 years without concession and creation of new broadcast licenses in Mexico, has emerged as the third national television and it currently reaches more than 70 million people thanks to 123 stations throughout the country.

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