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At VSN, we keep growing and we are looking for new faces to join our team. After some brainstorming, we decided one way to do it would be to show you how we currently work in the company in this post and encourage you to join us!

The whole world experienced many changes in 2021 and VSN was not an exception. The new horizon opened the company’s doors, as we are searching for new profiles to keep us  reaching new heights. If you read so far this point, you might be wondering what it is like to work at VSN. Since we thought the classic job description might be a bit boring, we decided to add some of our employees’ experiences and introduce you to our day to day activity in this article.

First things first, maybe you do not know anything about us, so please allow us to introduce ourselves. VSN is a software company focused on media asset management, archiving, planning and distribution solutions for audiovisual content. Usually, we work with companies from the Broadcast and Media industry, like TV channels or broadcasters. However, we also develop projects for other types of companies, as our systems are designed to fit any workflow to manage video.

As a technological company, we are constantly evolving to adapt to our clients’ needs. Therefore, our development team is always seeking developers and programmers. Also, as we have projects worldwide, we are interested in professionals to join our sales team and help us with our expansion around the planet. Do not hesitate to check our open positions and apply!.

Despite the fact that our software has specific applications, do not worry. We will not ask you why it is good to have a BMS or how VSNExplorer MAM works on the job interview. We are just looking for people willing to learn, open to innovation and team-oriented.

A global and young company

We were born in 1990 and although we are in our thirties, our team is formed mainly by young people, and those who are a little bit older are also young in spirit. The work environment and the methodologies we use daily are proof of this. In this article, our teams explain first-hand the daily activity of our development, product and sales team. You will discover how we value teamwork and the commitment to our product and clients.

Our headquarters are in the Parc Audiovisual of Catalunya, located in Terrassa, just a few kilometers away from Barcelona, Spain. We also have a development center in Sant Joan d’Alacant. However, our commercial presence and projects are not focused only on Spain and we have professionals and activities worldwide. That is why we will ask you for a good level of English on your CV.

In any case, if you finally join VSN, your location will not be a problem. Remote working is a reality in our company and you will choose the best option for you between different flexible choices to work.

Since September 2021, we are part of the Canadian group Valsoft Corporation. If you join us, you will work for a growing enterprise specialized in boosting software companies from different industries. So, if you are an ambitious professional willing to grow, we offer you many opportunities to do it. If you have read so far, you definitely are interested in how we work and we thought it might be best if you read what some of our professionals have to say.

Our colleagues explain our daily activities

Álvaro Montalbán crossed VSN’s door six years ago as an ICEX intern. Since the beginning, “the opportunity to work on a growing sector like technology and the career plan from VSN” attracted him. “Even as an intern,” he took responsibility inside the projects from the first counting, “with the support of the company and the colleagues.” Nowadays, he is our EMEA Sales Director. For him, “VSN proved to be a stable company to grow.”

During his daily routine, Álvaro supports “partners and clients from EMEA” and seeks “new business opportunities.” He highlights “teamwork with other departments like marketing or the development team for the correct deployment of all the projects.” A daily activity carried out in a “nice and open work environment, where commitment and dedication are also needed.”

Reyes Baena worked at VSN for “15 years, a remarkable figure”. Currently, she is a Senior Developer in our Development Center in Alicante. She told us a bit about her daily activity: “I am in charge of new functionalities for VSN products, fixing problems in our facilities and several meetings for different topics. Usually, we work using Visual Studio program for developing on .NET, but we also have other tools that make our work easier.”

Reyes stated her growing path in the company: “I was very young when I started working and did not have much experience. VSN allowed me to learn a lot. During these years, I attended development conferences, took courses for specialization, and had many materials to study and keep learning. Personally, I am sure the 23 years old girl who started here would not believe that she would be able to explain to an audience how our search system works or travel to Syria, for example, to work with local technicians. These years were amazing for me”.

With these experiences on her shoulders, she assured VSN is a good company for working: “After these years, I became a better professional, with a shaped personality and my own family. I was able to combine the personal and professional worlds and fulfill my ambitions and expectations.” Furthermore, she also points out the excellent working environment: “It is a gift to work every day with such exceptional people and share time, effort and a lot of coffee with them.”

Javier Encinas had his first experience on VSN working for three years. He left the company, but he is back as Customer Success Manager after a short break. He assured that “the acquisition by a large group like Valsoft Corporation and the future projections for the company” motivated him, as well as “a salary improvement.” 

The “possibilities for growing” and the “good colleagues, the flexibility and the nice retribution program” of VSN made the company a good place for work. But, what makes the difference for Javier is “the possibility of a full home office environment and the freedom to make choices” inside VSN.

Check our job opportunities and grow with us!

As you can see, if you are looking for a stable, innovative and growing company, do not hesitate to check our vacancies and join our team. At VSN, we are waiting for you and hoping to write your success story with us

We are looking for two Back-end developers, a Product Manager, a Product Specialist, an Internal Apps Tech Lead and an EMEA Sales Manager.

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