Mariano L. Monteverde: “At VSN we are redefining the workflows of the Media & Entertainment sector”

VSN has recently organized a Kick-Off meeting to develop its plans for 2016. The goal? To keep the good levels of growth and expansion achieved during 2015 and to gain new clients in the areas in which the company is established. During the meeting, we had the chance to interview Mariano L. Monteverde, VSN’s Sales Director for APAC, who gave us his visions on the industry and the company’s future.

“VSN is a global company, well established in Europe, Middle East, Africa and America, now expanding over the Asia-Pacific region. The Media & Entertainment sector in APAC is very dynamic and pragmatic”, declares Monteverde. “Even observing the great heterogeneity of the region, we see the general needs for smooth operations and efficiencies that minimize improvisations and brings the best results. We believe the region is gonna be highly develop as a whole, and we are gonna see more and richer content available, not only from the developed markets, but also from the emerging ones”.

VSN’s APAC Sales Director is optimistic regarding the company’s future, after the successful expansion plan launched in 2015. “We are redefining the workflows of the Media & Entertainment sector, as well as providing new ways to deliver and exchange media. Unified and fast operational workflows is what best define us. At VSN we like to say that we don’t have customers, but partners”, declares Monteverde. “I really see a great future ahead of us”.

Mariano L. Monteverde is based in VSN’s office in Hong Kong, from where he manages the projects and clients of the leading company in the Asia-Pacific region. Click here for more information on VSN’s Management Team.

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