What Media Management trends will run the show in 2022?

2021 is history. With 2022 moving quickly as a flash at VSN, we believe it’s time to analyze what trends will be in the spotlight in the Broadcast and Media industry during the next twelve months. A look into a future at which we already gazed at during our last webinar, available on VSNPlay.


1. Cloud & SaaS are here to stay.

We’ve been hearing about cloud as a future trend for years, but now it has become a reality of the present. Boosted by the remote needs of the pandemic and the new connectivity possibilities, it seems that cloud technology is here to stay.

We can confirm this trend by looking at IABM’s data, according to which 45% of the Broadcast & Media companies implemented this technology in 2021. If we leave the past behind and look into the future, according to The DPP, we will see how a third part of the industry’s professionals plan to acquire cloud solutions in 2022.  Thanks to the improvements in connectivity with more powerful bandwidths and the arrival of 5G, it’s easier than ever to jump into the cloud.

In this white paper, we reviewed how VSN’s products are  to this environment and the multiple advantages that cloud technology can bring to our business. One of the main ones is highly valued nowadays: We are referring to its improved accessibility due to the unreliability of physical installations. Furthermore, the cloud allows a low-cost installation and support thanks to this.

In addition, we should highlight the flexibility and scalability of this technology. Not many companies are willing to pay for services that they don’t use; with cloud environments, they can contract microservices or scale the products according to their needs, which leads to cost savings. This usually comes hand in hand with the SaaS business model, in which the client only pays for what they actually use.

2. Everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the new black. We are not talking about a revolutionary robot to improve housekeeping, but it has been the most discussed topic online with 175,000 technical articles, according to Walkme. All in all, it’s a trend that the Broadcast and Media industry hasn’t avoided. IABM’s Media Tech Business Tracker stated that 26% of the companies use this technology in their daily operations, and the vast majority of the sector plans to incorporate these functionalities in the following years.

If we go deeper into the adoption figures, we can see how the Broadcast & Media industry mainly uses this technology in media asset management (38%). 2022 will be the year of automated content cataloging via Artificial Intelligence tools. Thanks to the integration of VSNExplorer MAM with the leading AI engines of the market, VSN is completely prepared for this reality. A remarkable use case of these functionalities was featured along with RTVE during the last FIAT/IFTA World Conference

3. Implementation of remote workflows

Two years ago, you would have probably been reading these lines from your office. Today, there is a high possibility that you are checking this article working at home. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 forced all the industries to adapt to a new remote reality.

For some companies, this new reality wasn’t a surprise, but for others, it was a change in their workflows that required a lot of work and effort. As we mentioned, cloud technology has made this process easier, hand by hand with other functionalities that we incorporated into our daily activities.

For the Broadcast and Media industry, the main bet on remote workflows took place in the production field. As we detailed in previous articles, we can find an excellent example in how the major sports events of last summer were produced remotely, and it’s a trend that will endure during 2022.

VSN is ready for this remote reality. Thanks to the web interface of products like VSNExplorer or VSNCrea, users only need a web browser to work with them from any place; the office, home or even the beach (provided there’s good connectivity, of course). In addition, VSNExplorer PAM and Wedit are the allies that any professional would like to have on its remote workflow.

If you want to go deeper into 2022’s trends, do not hesitate to check our last webinar on VSNPlay. We have no doubt that this year is going to be a thrilling one, in which we hope the sanitary situation will stabilize once and for all. That will allow us to meet again at physical tradeshows after more than two years. Considering this small glimpse into the future of these twelve months, we can only hope that this will be the case.

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