Mediapro's football channels choose vsnmulticom

vsnmulticom8 has recently been selected by sports channels Real Madrid TV, Canal Barça TV, and the brand new high definition Mediapro’s channel Gol as their preferred automation solution

Grupo Mediapro has recently renewed its agreement with Real Madrid CF and Barcelona FC for producing and broadcasting the clubs’ own thematic channels. Mediapro is the firm holding rights exploitation agreements with various football clubs competing in the Spanish Premier League. Coinciding with the start of the 2008-2009 Spanish league season, the group decided to launch a brand new high definition sports channel intended to be delivered through various platforms. Negotiations with said platforms are still underway.

Unitecnic, a company belonging to Mediapro in charge of developing engineering projects in the field of professional audio and video, is now in charge of the installation and startup of the new technological platforms for these new three TV channels.

Renovation undertaken in Real Madrid TV has focused on the installation of a master control system based on vsnmulticom8, which is thoroughly integrated with the traffic, rights management, and planning vsn solution vsncreaTV. The latter controlling a Vector Box server, among other devices. Additionally, various tailor-made developments have been carried out by vsn with an aim at accomplishing a complete integration of the current production and archiving systems with the new master control system in a tapeless environment.

Technological renovation in Canal Barça has been profound. In this particular case, the set vsnmulticom-vsncreaTV constitute the brains of the new master control system, where Unitecnic has recently installed a wholly redundant system based on two XT playout servers with two EVS channels (plus two other additional ingest channels), a Pro-Bel Aurora matrix, and a Miranda branding system. On a second stage, both vsn modules will communicate with Ardendo’s archiving system through developing a specific interface.

For Unitecnic the summer of 2008 has been very hectic. They have also been granted the setting in motion of the new high definition channel Gol, which had to be installed and fully operational for the start of the league season. In this particular case, the automation solution vsnmulticom8, which has been installed in Imagina’s building in Esplugas, is also in control of a two XT server redundant system. Graphics are VizRT’s with whom vsn is highly integrated through control of secondary and auxiliary events. The ingest system (a two-channel XT) premises are located in zone 22@ and all transfers across both premises are managed by the vsnmulticom transfer module.

Currently, over 150 on-air TV channels, some of them for over 12 years, rely on vsnmulticom as their preferred master control system, and continue to rely on its new version 8.