Reyes Baena, Senior Back-End Developer: “At VSN we keep growing together”

For almost a decade, Reyes Baena has been in charge of making sure that everything works in the inside of VSN’s media management solutions. From the company’s Technological Excellence Center, Reyes has had a privileged position over the years to bear witness to how VSN expanded, opened international offices, increased its team, reached new markets and enhanced its product’s features. In this Q&A, the IT professional answers a series of questions on its long experience as part of the VSN team.

Reyes Baena, VSN's Senior Back-End Developer

Reyes Baena, VSN’s Senior Back-End Developer

From your experience, could you tell us how VSN has changed in all these years?

At VSN we have intensely work in the past decade to jump ahead in every possible sense, from the commercial aspects of our business to the purely technological. We haven´t stop growing not even for a second, and that I think is proven with the company’s successful path: we have opened offices in Hong Kong, Miami, Dubai and Santiago de Chile, and we have been able to position VSNEXPLORER as one of the leading media management solutions available in the market, as we have proven in the most prestigious events and trade shows worldwide. Our team of engineers and workers has also increased, integrating professional from around the world and always achieving a great work environment and close bonds: at VSN we keep growing together.

What would you highlight from your daily work?

The thing I would highlight, as I already pointed out in the first question, is team work. There is always somebody willing to give you a hand and we are all totally committed to the idea of offering the most advanced technology to the client. Even if the company is growing a lot (and very fast), we give the best of ourselves to maintain a good work environment in which VSN’s values of innovation and progress are always present. We are always trying to innovate and we fight to foresee and adapt to the technological changes of the Broadcast and M&E industries. Only that way are we able to keep our solutions at the vanguard of the sector.

What can you tell us about the technology of VSN’s solutions?

The features of our solutions haven’t stop expanding in the last decade. We have been able to make VSNEXPLORER -our media management solution with Media Asset Management (MAM), Production Asset Management (PAM) y Business Process Management (BPM)- one of the most important products in the industry, opening new ways of treating content and inspiring other companies as well. This year we have implemented a new Business Intelligence (BI) layer that empowers the user with more information about the internal processes of the system and new data to make the best possible decisions. Our mission is to offer the most advanced and efficient media management technology of the industry, and the positive feedback we receive from our clients makes us believe we are on the right path.


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