Roberto Duif: “I think VSN will be one of the main Media & Entertainment companies in the near future”

After the excellent results of 2015, VSN plans ahead new goals for North America: the most advanced market in the Media & Entertainment industry. During the Kick-Off meeting for 2016 organized at VSN’s headquarters in Barcelona, we had the chance to interview VSN’s Sales Director for North America, Roberto Duif, who introduced us to the current situation of this industry in the region, as well as to the company’s future for 2016.

“North America is by far the main market in the world for Media & Entertainment. Both Canada and the United States have a vast industry and they are the most advanced market, but at the same time, they also have the greatest needs”, declares Duif. “The sector is moving fast, video is more important than ever and because of that, I am really excited about what is going on in the region”.

How can VSN address the challenges of this market? For Roberto Duif the answer is clear. The main advantage for VSN’s solutions in the North America region is their flexibility. “We are an extremely flexible company and we can adapt to the ever changing environment that Media & Entertainment companies are living today. We learn from every single client we have and in a fast way, we are able to introduce the new features that work out for them, considering their feedback”, states the Director.

For addressing this need of flexibility, Duif considers that “VSNExplorer is definitely VSN’s star product” because “it grows as the client grows”. “The key here is to customize and implement the solution, so it can fit like a glove in practically any organization”, adds the Director. “Thanks to this, I think we will be one of the main Media & Entertainment companies in a near future. The future for VSN is bright”.

Roberto Duif is based in VSN’s office in Miami (USA), from where he manages the projects and clients of the leading company in North America region. Click here for more information on VSN’s Management Team.

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