Roberto Pascual: “Considering the feedback from our customers, we can only be optimistic about VSN’s future”

After the excellent results of 2015, VSN plans ahead new goals for 2016 and points out new business plans without losing any bit of strength and enthusiasm. During the Kick-Off meeting organized recently at its headquarters in Barcelona, we had the chance to interview VSN’s Sales Director for Europe and Africa, Roberto Pascual, who introduced us to the current situation of the Media & Entertainment sector, as well as to VSN’s future for 2016 in these regions.

“The industry is evolving really fast. In Europe and part of Africa, IT components are entering in the Media and Entertainment industry really strongly, so our solutions fit perfectly in this kind of systems”, states Pascual. “It is very easy for us to find a good, efficient and reliable solution that fits end users’ workflow, so I think VSN has a good chance on this environment”.

Regarding VSN’s plans for the future, Pascual believes the company has good reasons to be really optimistic, since it is going through a really sweet moment right now thanks to their bet on innovation. “What is really interesting about VSN is that it offers an advanced Media & Business Process Management solution with just one unified interface, which I think is a real advantage for the operation and maintenance of a system”.

“Regarding the feedback we have received from our customers, we really have to be optimistic about VSN’s future, especially because it’s not just about the technical specifications. The key point here is that we are very close to our clients and their problems. It’s like a partnership”, adds the Sales Director.

Roberto Pascual is based in VSN’s headquarters in Barcelona, from where he manages the projects and clients of the leading company in Europe and Africa. Click here for more information on VSN’s Management Team.

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