Toñi Ramírez, VSN’s Finance Manager: “Innovation is part of our company’s DNA”

The employee with the longest career in VSN answers a few questions on its daily activity in our new Q&A. Toñi Ramírez is in charge, from the very beginning that VSN started its adventure, to develop the duties of Finance Manager. That is why she knows better than anybody else the characteristics that have made VSN one of the top companies in the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment.

Toñi Ramírez, VSN's Finance Manager

Toñi Ramírez, VSN’s Finance Manager

What would you highlight from your daily work in VSN?

There is something that has been a constant during all of our history: team work. For me, this quality is very important, since it allows us to get the most out of every situation or project. Feeling that we work all together in the same direction is key to let our projects and solutions triumph and succeed. In my case, I always try to collaborate to the fullest with other departments to help my co-workers and to keep the company working as it has to. Regarding the client, due to my position, I have no direct contact with them. In my daily activity, I have contact and manage the relations with consultants, banks, institution such as the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), ministries, etc.

What are your priorities as VSN’s Finance Manager?

There is a quote that many accountants share, that I personally like and that makes me feel identified with it, that says that the most important is “to reflect a true image of the company”, and that is my main labour. To reflect a true image of the company using the most adequate financial and accounting resources. That is what I have done all these years, together with the correct management of the company’s finance department. And the truth is that, thanks to the commitment of my colleagues and other departments, we have succeed in the task to make VSN enjoy a perfect financial situation, which helps us to face any project in any part of the world with maximum security and confidence. I feel proud of being part of that and it is a pleasure to see how we have grown year after year to become what we are today.

Can you define with one phrase your vision of the company?

My vision of the company is, and has always been, that VSN is above all a company that has always taken risks to innovate, always going beyond its limits. We have always make a great effort to be leaders with our innovations and we have opened new paths in the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment. The best proof of this is VSNEXPLORER, our media management solution, that with its variety of modules allows for the management of the whole lifecycle of audiovisual content. We have in our DNA the need to innovate and keep growing, and the positive feedback that we get everyday from our users and clients is the best indicator that we are unique.

How has VSN evolve in these past 25 years?

From my position, I have been able to see how the company has grown during all these years. We started with a very small team and a lot of ambition to do things that would change the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries. And that passion for technology has always helped us to grow, and since we started this company we haven´t stopped doing it. Every year have expanded our team, up the almost seventy employees we have now, while from being only in the Spanish market we have evolved to opening offices in the main business cities around the world: Singapur, Hong Kong, Miami, Santiago de Chile and Dubai. Our portfolio of solutions has grown and now we are a reference in the media management sector. It is a pleasure to be part of this project that started 25 years ago and that with effort and passion we have bring to the top of the industry.

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