How to integrate VSNExplorer MAM inside Adobe Premiere Pro

Can you imagine having access to all the functionalities of a MAM System inside your video editing software? Thanks to the integration of VSNExplorer MAM with Adobe Premiere Pro, this system’s users can access their MAM System without leaving the interface of this video editing software. Discover this integrated workflow’s simplicity in a new VSN Shortcuts edition brought to you by our Director of Product Management, Toni Vilalta. 

MAM integrated into your video editing software 

To start using VSNExplorer MAM within Adobe Premiere Pro, we’ll need to create a new project and sequence. Once that’s done, we just need to open the VSN Panel by selecting the ‘Window’ menu, then ‘Extensions’ and clicking on ‘VSN Panel Premiere’. 

After this, the MAM System’s interface will appear inside our video editing software. We just need to login using our user and password, just as we do when using VSNExplorer MAM in our browser. 

Your assets in Adobe Premiere Pro

Once logged in, we will have access to all our assets stored in VSNExplorer MAM from the Adobe Premiere Pro interface. We can look for content and preview all the assets from the panel in low res (if this version is available) and high res. 

To start the video editing, we just need to drag and drop the asset into the bin or to the timeline of Adobe Premiere Pro. Furthermore, we can drag and drop several assets and work with more than one in our timeline. Quick and easy: we search, drag and drop, and edit. All in a single interface. 

Low-res options in your video editing software

As we mentioned, we can previsualize all our assets during our searches in the VSN Panel. If those have a low-res version, we could preview them in this format. In addition, we can drag and drop these low-res versions to our bin or timeline, even combining these assets with high res for video editing.  

This is a really useful functionality for remote production workflows when the connectivity is not always the best, but we still need to keep working. 

Export: From the video editing software to the MAM

Once we’re done with the video editing, we can export our new sequence directly to VSNExplorer MAM. Therefore, we just need to select ‘Export’ in the VSN Panel inside Adobe Premiere Pro. 

After that, we’ll need to choose the media format for our video content and the render engine. We can select Adobe Media Encoder for this workflow, both on-premise and on the cloud. Once the rendering engine is processing our video, we can check the process from the Workflow Panel of VSNExplorer. 

When the process is over, we’ll be able to find our new sequence ins VSNExplorer MAM. Therefore, the content will be cataloged and stored in our MAM, and ready for distribution on other platforms and social media. We could even use it for video editing again by dragging it into Adobe Premiere Pro’s timeline. 

If you want to know more about the integration between VSNExplorer MAM and Adobe Premiere Pro, don’t miss the chance to watch our recent joint webinar with Adobe. In this session, our professionals detailed all the secrets of this integrated workflow. You can also contact us and schedule your demo to discover these and many other functionalities. 

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