VSN certificates its information security management system with ISO 27001:2013

This recognition proves VSN’s compromise with information security management and ensures that all of the company’s processes comply with the highest standards. This certification joins ISO 9001:2015, which was renewed by the organization in 2019.

VSN has obtained the ISO 27001:2013 from the International Organization for Standardization. This standard recognizes that the company complies with the specifications for the design, implementation, performance and improvement of a strict information security management system. This procedure establishes protocols and processes to avoid risks that must be deployed at all levels of the organization.

“At VSN we are aware of how important information security management is nowadays in the software industry. We know that all our products, solutions and teams must follow all the protocols to avoid any risk for our customers”, said Aaron López, COO of VSN. “This certification is the proof of the daily efforts of our employees and the compromise of the company to guarantee that we meet the highest standards in information security.

This prestigious standard sets demanding management specifications that have been checked by an independent controller, after their implementation in VSN’s organization, solutions and products. The company has established risk assessment processes to identify the information security vulnerabilities of its activities. Therefore, it has introduced controls and protocols to mitigate the risks and define the goals to improve security. 

At the same time, ISO 27001:2013 requires a defined organizational scheme to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the information access. VSN has achieved this standard by presenting a structured team in different departments, in which the roles and responsibilities of each employee are clearly defined. Also, each team manager monitors information security objectives. This way, the company has integrated all the processes needed to improve constantly on its security protocols.

With this certification, VSN takes a step forward assuring all its employees, products and solutions are committed and complies with the stricter standards of information security matters. Therefore, the company guarantees to all its clients the highest level of reliability and efficiency for its Media & Broadcast management systems.

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