VSN has organized a PAM Webinar for production environments

Under the title Empower your production environment with a PAM system, VSN has presented a fully-featured webinar to explain its attendants everything that a Production Asset Management (PAM) system can achieve and how audiovisual companies can enhance their production workflow with VSNEXPLORER PAM.

PAM Webinar

Production Asset Management (PAM) software

A Production Asset Management (PAM) system increases the efficiency of production environments thanks to its tools, specially designed to keep track of each asset being edited and improving the quality of the workflow and each user performance.

VSNEXPLORER PAM is VSN’s solution in this field, designed to increase efficiency of production environments with tools that manage and track media all along the creative process. Thanks to VSN’s Production Asset Management module, workflow automation allows for movement, transcoding and media publishing tasks, among others, to be run in the background, allowing users to concentrate in what they do better: create contents.

VSN´s PAM Webinar has been conducted by Toni Vilalta, Product Manager, from the company’s headquarters in Barcelona. Vilalta has taken some time at the end to answer the questions that has arisen during the webinar. Here you can watch a special preview of the sessions:

You can watch the whole webinar at our video’s pages, VSN’s videos. Our webinars are the best resource to keep informed about the latest technological trends and the new features of VSN’s complete portfolio of solutions! Have a look at our events page, here.

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