Taiwanese public broadcaster PTS renews its entire production with VSN technology

VSN’s production system, VSNExplorer PAM, has been chosen by Taiwan’s Public Television Service (PTS) for the complete overhaul of their systems, allowing them to manage, search and retrieve media, connect multiple non-linear editors and increase their ingest and transcoding capacity.

VSNExplorer PAM enables total production workflow customization for PTS

The solution finally included VSNExplorer PAM for production management, VSN QC for quality control and three VSNOne TV systems as video servers. VSN now presents a case study on the project that successfully developed advanced functionalities and optimized multiple workflows for the channel.

PTS, the first independent public broadcasting institution in Taiwan, founded in 1998 and currently broadcasting its contents nationwide through three channels (the main channel, PTS Taigi, and PTS3), can now rely on a Production Asset Management system that has completely optimized their workflows. The channel’s users now have this centralized platform for the management of their subsystems and processes, and the editors can work collaboratively in the media, in addition to having a system that has total customization freedom, since they can create their own flows, define permissions or expand and add new functions easily and intuitively.

“With the help of VSNExplorer PAM, audiences do not need to wait for too much time anymore”

The contents ingested through the VSN system can, at the same time, be previewed and edited to make a first version that can later be sent to the network of non-linear editors. All flows are managed by VSNExplorer PAM, guaranteeing a correct delivery to external systems and including useful automatisms,such as quality control.  

“With the help of VSNExplorer PAM, audiences do not need to wait for too much time anymore, and users no longer struggle under a very stressing and competitive working environment. This production asset management system allows editors, journalists and administrators to quickly search for sequences, media and projects which are stored in the shared storage and start to work interactively.” – Sr. York Kuan, Director of the Production Department at PTS

If you want to find out in more detail how the integration process of the VSN PTS solution unfolded, you can consult and download the complete success story through our clients section

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