Why every Broadcaster needs a streaming platform

Nowadays, the audience is on Second Screens and Internet. Companies operating in the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries need more than ever to be able to distribute their content with new existing technology. And a streaming platform is the perfect tool to do so!

Audiences nowadays are on Second Screens and Internet

Audiences nowadays are on Second Screens and Internet

The Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries are going through a deep revolution, whose pace has accelerated in the past few years: we are leaving behind physical formats and moving to Cloud streaming platforms (based on structures such as Microsoft Azure) that allow users to consume content directly through an Internet-connected device on their own terms.

This change has not only been technological. It has also affected the audience consumption pattern, that now, specially the younger generations, can choose their own times and ways of accessing its favourite content. The linear content consumption model is decaying and, even if it is difficult to see it go for good, the TV Everywhere revolution is now part of our daily lives. And streaming platforms are the main pillars of this reality.

The Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries, so dependant nowadays on productivity improvements on its internal workflows and of engaging audiences with quality content, need more than ever to be capable of distributing their audiovisual material to users in an agile and immediate way. In that sense, a streaming platform, integrated with its internal system and workflow, is what a company of this industry needs in the actual context.

How can a streaming platform help you in your daily work and what advantages can you obtain from it? Let’s review the main three advantages:

  • It allows to broadcast content directly wherever the audience is located, the Internet,Social Media, Mobile Applications, Smarts TVs or elsewhere
  • It offers an advanced tool for broadcasting live events, like concerts or sport contests, in an easy and comfortable way for the user.
  • It offers all the interesting advantages of the Cloud, such as transcoding and content management options, as well as archiving, replication and many others.

Considering these needs, at VSN we have developed VSNWEB TV: a modern streaming platform benefitted from all the advantages of our revolutionary media management systems that run in the Cloud, thanks to our latest integration with Microsoft Azure and its Media Services. Gain control and authorship against other third-party open systems, like Youtube. The most efficient option currently available in the market would be running our own system, adapted to the company’s concrete needs and integrated with the media asset management system.

Thus, VSNWEB TV is an advanced Video on Demand (VoD) and streaming platform, perfectly integrated with VSNEXPLORER (our media management solutions, comprising the MAM, PAM, BPM and Business Intelligence modules), which allows our users to distribute their contents to a concrete website or through streaming. And what does VSNWEB TV offer to users? The answer is easy: it maximizes its content broadcasting and monetizing in any kind of platform.

That is why any company that works within the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment sector urgently needs to catch up this idea of ‘content everywhere’. And the best way to do so is by trusting on a safe and advanced streaming platform, integrated with a state-of-the-art Media Management system. The final result of this decision will bring infinite monetizing options and higher engagement levels with the audience, that ultimately carry along the best competitive advantage possible to address this fast-moving work environment.

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