World Television Day 2019: the media channel that changed everything

Today, November 21st, is an important day for the Broadcast & Media industry. On this day, the U.N. held the first World Television Forum, which enabled media figures to meet and discuss the importance of TV in delivering information but also in changing the world. From VSN, we join this celebration to recognize the important role that this communication tool has played for democracy, peace and world stability and also to highlight how the digitalized age we live in today, has revolutionized it.

World Television Day 2019

Generation after generation, TV has arrived to countless viewers around the world and has helped to inform, guide and channel public opinion, changing the viewers’ perception of the world with millions of informative, inspiring and entertaining stories. That is why, this year’s edition goes under the theme “Experience the power of TV and learn about its central role in today’s society”. It highlights the diversity of today’s television content and thanks to the multiple TV platforms that viewers have access to, the unprecedented distribution that this content now has, always available anytime and anywhere.

It is safe to say that from a computer to a smartphone, tech has disrupted just about every way audiences have consumed media over the past 10 years. In fact, the TV content itself, has been revolutionized. Therefore, in this age of video-on-demand and mobile media consumption where consumer behaviors, expectations and usage habits are rapidly changing, it is essential for TV channels to invest in the right technology in order to continue being the main source of communication and not be left behind.

Here is where companies like VSN that provide specialized software solutions to automate and centralize the planning, management and distribution of content, come into action. Aware of the outstanding development of television and its technology in the last years, we continue working harder to offer Broadcast, Media and Entertainment companies software solutions that maximize efficiency when distributing their content, regardless of the geographical area or time in which this content should be consumed.

Today, more than ever at VSN, we want to not only take a moment to celebrate this day in honor of the medium to which we dedicate our lives to, but we also want to continue being innovative and fulfill our work for many more decades so that, despite the digital transformation we have lived and still live with, TV continues to have a big impact on society and our overall life and beliefs.

In conclusion, this day recognizes the connections that exist between the broadcast media and not only social, economic and political developments but to democracy in its entirety. Television doesn’t just provide all of us with vital information about our world, but it also aids in supporting our democracies by getting this information directly in front of the people. Therefore, TV media should not just be recognized for its contributions but should also be strengthened with first-class technology.

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