Eurovision Washington launches a pilot solution with VSN technology

The Eurovision Americas Inc office in Washington D.C. has trusted the VSNExplorer and VSNOneTV systems to implement a pilot solution that will allow them to carry out the news coverage for North America and the content delivery to their headquarters in Geneva, where it is distributed as part of the Eurovision News Exchange. The Eurovision News Exchange provides content to more than 70 EBU Members, sublicensees and media partners worldwide.

A solution implemented 100% on remote

Since the deployment was directly affected by the current situation of confinement and prohibition of work trips and displacements, the entire solution was successfully implemented on remote, including the training services for the tool, the certification phase, and of course, the day-to-day operation by the professional staff.

“We were very pleased with the quick reaction by VSN and their ability to build a system that allowed us to edit remotely in real-time. This implementation of the VSN system has allowed the Eurovision Washington and New York offices to maintain their contributions to the Eurovision News Exchange while working safely from home.”- Sarah Lanningham, Vice President News and Events, Eurovision Americas Inc. 

VSNExplorer’s web accesibility was key for success

In essence, the system installed for Eurovision Washington allows them to record a series of baseband signals and make a quick selection of video segments from those recordings to edit them in low resolution with VSN’s web video editor, Wedit. Later, once these pieces have been validated, they are are sent to the headquarters in Geneva. 

Each of these operations and workflows are performed simultaneously and in a collaborative and parallel way, allowing users to start selecting segments, editing video and even sending content remotely while the video signals are being ingested with VSNOneTV. Furthermore, all of this is possible without installing any additional application, since the VSNExplorer platform has been developed entirely in HTML5 and can be operated from any web browser.

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