Your future is audiovisual too: Corporations

We continue our review of how video is changing our daily activity and, consequently, the relevance of media asset management. Previously, we overviewed the adoption of this format by the educational sector or the public institutions. Today, we focus on how corporations use video to add value to their internal workflows and improve external communications.

It is a fact that corporations are surfing the wave of video. According to Wyzowl, the use of video in companies increased up to 63% during the last three years. With these numbers in mind, the enterprises decided to incorporate video professionals into their marketing departments. For most corporate job opportunities in this sector, having a piece of video knowledge and background with editors like Adobe Premiere is a must.

Nevertheless, an in-house team to produce content might be expensive for most businesses. Therefore, many corporations externalize these duties to take advantage of the impact of video campaigns without a significant investment. The industry is full of PR and Comms agencies, who fight in a competitive market to provide the most innovative and original content, and corporations take advantage of this battle.

Video as an ally for internal comms

At this point, it is important to detail different uses that corporations are giving to video. Any big enterprise counts with internal processes that might be fresher and more attractive with video. For example, imagine a new employee onboarding or an internal course for a new work methodology. It is evident that video will make those more interesting. Furthermore, we will achieve a better impact using this format instead of the classical corporate document.

Video can also support the creation of an internal branding image. We can surprise employees with powerful campaigns and make them feel aligned with a good plan. An excellent example is Everis’ brand upgrade, which has adopted the name of its owner company, NTT Data.

The pandemic wiped out the possibility of a physical event, but the company called in the staff to attend a virtual video event. Everis hired famous artists to host the conference and showcased different music exhibitions for this important date, and the CEO walked through the changes through a brief presentation. Years ago, this process would have contained in a dull presentation, or even in a simple email. Instead, the company transformed it into an opportunity to boost the brand and connect with its employees.

External video impact

Despite the possibilities we have already shown, the external campaigns are where video shines brighter. Here is where corporations compete with each other to deliver the most original and innovative content. The companies are aware of their impact with those communications and how this may directly impact their accounts.

Many corporations are trying to display a fresh and human image with their video campaigns. In other words, they are trying to put a face to the figures, especially in big enterprises. Most of them reveal their quarterly and annual financial reports with videos on their corporate digital channels. Thanks to that, the CEO of Banco Santander can explain the current situation directly to a stakeholder.

In recent years, social media has become another way to get in touch with the public. Most companies have corporate accounts on platforms like Twitter or Instagram, where they compete for followers and interactions. In this digital world, video is essential because audiovisual posts receive 48% more visualizations than written ones. Therefore, corporate social media departments give their best to create original video content.

Some companies go further and their campaigns create fans, not just customers. A trend that is higher in the technological market where, according to Wyzowl, 79% of the clients bought a specific software or app influenced by a piece of video information. The launching campaigns of Apple or Samsung are good examples of this fan expectation.

How to avoid chaos on corporate video

All these audiovisual actions generate an enormous archive that, if not well managed, may be chaotic. We must not only think about the final videos but imagine all the recorded takes or resources that we could use in the future. We cannot lose those files due to bad media asset management. That is why they need a proper catalog and archive, to locate and retrieve them easily the next time we need them.

With a state-of-the-art MAM system like VSNExplorer MAM we can organize and control all the corporate media content. It is also essential that our media asset management system gives us the opportunity to distribute and publish this content from a single web-based interface. VSNExplorer MAM integrates with the primary social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Dailymotion, etc.) and with online platforms in order to provide multiplatform distribution.

Furthermore, if the company has externalized the video campaign through an external agency, the multi-tenant capability of the system makes them the perfect ally for this workflow. The agency will only need a web browser and a user account to use VSNExplorer MAM. What’s more, the company’s information security is guaranteed thanks to the user’s permissions management, which provides access to the specific information we want to share and nothing more. An excellent example of this is the VSN’s project with Telson and Endesa, in which the associated producers of the electrical company have limited access to the archive with VSNExplorer MAM.

In this same project, VSNExplorer MAM showed how its module VSNExplorer BPM allows complex workflows management for corporate audiovisual production. With this tool, we can control and check all the tasks related to our media. Furthermore, if we add the VSNExplorer BI module, we can create reports and graphics to study the ROI of our assets.

We can trust video as an excellent ally for our corporation, but it can become our worst problem without the proper solution. In the words of Sergey Brin, co-creator of Google, “Big problems are easier to solve than small problems.” And the problem of asset management is easy if our corporation trusts in VSN’s solutions.

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