Javeriana University awards VSN the update of its news production system

The most modern audiovisual production system for education in the region, Centro Ático, has integrated advanced technology to allow and optimize the distribution of cross-platform content thanks to VSN.

The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in Bogotá, has relied on VSN to ensure a perfect integration of its existing technological solutions with a complete system of news production that, in order to promote the creativity of students in audiovisual production, is prepared to work in multi-platform environments, different HD video formats and various sources of content ingestion (professional cameras, mobile phones, internet, etc.). More than 1000 students will use the infrastructure daily.
The key central system for this project, VSNExplorer MAM, is essential to meet the specific needs of workflow customization, hierarchical permission systems, multi-format environment and integration capacity with the systems of the manufacturers involved (Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas) . In this way, the solution guarantees Centro Ático a fully customized content management adapted to the center’s requirements, while ensuring its scalability and the possibility of adding other solutions to this infrastructure in the future.
Along with VSNExplorer MAM, the project has also counted with a complete update of its news system. More specifically, the hardware and software have been renewed. The complete solution has included the installation of 15 concurrent licenses of the Ross Inception system as NRCS for the creation of runways and news, either for traditional broadcasting or through social networks; VSNLivecom as a studio playout to automate the production room and control two input channels and two output channels; the web plugin of VSN for NRCS, 100% HTML5, which allows to include within the NRCS interface, the advanced functionalities of the PAM and MAM modules of VSNExplorer; and the VSN web publishing system, Wedit. All these systems have been integrated with the system of graphics and Aston 3D characters of Brainstorm, which also allows to assign graphics through templates for later publication and distribution to the different broadcasting platforms of the University.
The main objective of the system we have implemented at Centro Ático is to provide students with the most advanced news production tools and the most similar to those they will find when they finish their studies. What the students get with this system is to have, in a single interface, all the necessary functionalities for the creation and production of news, from the editorial part to the production of video, including all the graphics layers necessary in a real news environment in a simple and intuitive way, thus reducing the learning time of the tool itself”, says VSN’s Project Manager, Martín Motta.
Thanks to the complete integration in an HTML5 web interface and better integration with social networks and third screens, now Javeriana University, has the latest technology needed to dictate the Journalism and Audiovisual courses in a digitalized and efficient environment with better development of the programs carried out within the center.
For more information about VSN’s solutions, visit our corporate website or get in touch with one of our commercials through the email address sales@vsn-tv.com.