One vs. Multiple Vendors: A Technological Challenge or the Key to Competing?

With changes in streaming and media consumption behaviors, as well as the digital revolution of mobile-data, the proliferation of partnerships and strategic repositioning has become key in order to stand out in the broadcast and media industry. Nowadays, there is a need for collaboration, whether that is through a direct alliance between vendors or through the offering of open-standard products that can integrate with others.

Interoperability simplifies interconnections worldwide

The rise of collaboration amongst vendors

The media universe is becoming too crowded and as direct to consumer (DTC) models grow, standing out in the marketplace is becoming increasingly difficult, but is of course, key to surviving and not being left behind. Broadcast and Media companies are reevaluating their content strategies as well as resorting to consolidation and alliances in order to gain some scale and compete against the technology giants that continue to pump up money into video content. Therefore, it is expected for collaborations among technology vendors to be key in the evolution of an open, vibrant future of the industry. This is not about owning or controlling the value chain, it is about the technology and software supply-side of the industry to build fundamental end-to-end solutions where the final consumer can always win by owning the most advanced and specialized pieces of technology available in the market.

To more collaborations, more interoperable solutions

As the need for collaboration and partnerships amongst companies has increased, the need for interoperable and open standard solutions has consequently grown in importance as well. This past IBC 2019 we have seen how an increasing number of media companies are starting to have a strong preference for best-of-breed solutions that provide certain flexibility and target a specific need, rather than end-to-end solutions either from one single vendor or that encompass a broad range of solutions that are hard to integrate and be adapted to future needs. Thus, it is safe to say that at the moment, end-users are looking for solutions that allow them to interconnect all their software systems and hardware equipment without any problem, as well as to adapt to their future needs and requirements. Therefore, software and technology companies must, in order to align themselves with this rising need for collaborations, focus on providing interoperable solutions that give broadcast and media companies the flexibility to choose amongst the solutions that best suit them and allow them to create a customized work environment.

Finally, collaborations and interoperable solutions, a technological challenge or the key to competing?

To address the rising complexity brought by the constant rise of new innovative technologies and maintain a competitive position in today’s fast-moving industry, both media companies and technology vendors must agree to work together and to develop processes and provide flexible tools that give interoperability and adaptability to all those changes.

In other words, collaborations and alliances are real and are happening. Interoperability is not only key in order to compete, but it is what bridges the gap for those collaborations to happen and be beneficial for everybody involved. On the one hand, thanks to interoperable solutions, broadcasters and media companies can easily integrate with other third-party systems and within workflows already established. On the other hand, for software-suppliers, interoperability means adaptation to changes, flexibility, scalability and modularity, and is extremely crucial in order to offer the best and most complete solution to broadcast and media companies.

IABM QuoteAs we can see in this quote from IABM, consumers are not looking for products anymore but for solutions that are adapted to their specific requirements. From VSN, we realize how the industry is shifting towards these new and collaborative ways of working and we are committed to providing flexible and scalable solutions.

Systems are evolving at the same time as the requirements of the users, which is why investing in interoperable solutions that allow companiesto integrate with other products and third party systems, is not only beneficial in the short term, but also in the long run as the media industry is constantly evolving and new technologies and trends that require additional tools are always coming up.

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