New VSN NewsConnect to “make news your way” at NABShow 2019

At NAB 2019 (Booth SL7606), media and entertainment industry software company VSN will announce its VSN NewsConnect, an HTML5 plugin for NRCS that guarantees interoperability and compatibility with all major platforms.

New VSN NewsConnect to “make news your way” at NAB 2019
VSN NewsConnect, an HTML5 Plugin for NRCS, allows users to create a news production environment specifically suited to their requirements, complementing and improving the media production workflow at any facility. It simplifies and increases the speed at which news is generated, improves efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for users to work with, and switch between, different tabs and interfaces. Users can also see in real time how the final stories – including graphics and video – will look.
An add-on for the VSNExplorer platform for media and workflow management, the VSN NewsConnect allows broadcast and media companies to interconnect via MOS any leading NRCS, CG, NLE, studio playout system and video servers, within a single, intuitive, centralized workspace to create a seamless workflow for news production.
“The Plugin’s MOS compatibility means that it is highly interoperable, providing users with the flexibility and freedom of choice demanded in today’s fast-moving broadcast/media environment,” said Jordi Utiel, VSN CEO. “VSN NewsConnect plugin is agnostic to any specific brand and it allows to combine VSNExplorer platform with the best-of-third party systems and bring all of them together into one single, easy-to-use, centralized workspace to create a unified workflow for news and live production.”
The web plugin allows users to visualize all the assets and videos stored in the VSNExplorer MAM/PAM system within the interface of the large majority of NRCS systems available in the market, and quickly allocate and drag and drop those files into the NRCS stories in order to complete their news pieces.
Similarly, the VSN NewsConnect has been integrated, by using metagraphics, with computer graphics systems to access the CG templates directly from the NRCS interface, as well as to unify these with video for broadcast or publishing, through Wedit, the VSNExplorer proxy video editor. Users can therefore select raw content, edit it, record the voiceover, adjust the audio, assign the graphics and publish the edited story to the studio or web. All these tasks can be carried out within the NRCS system users have opted for.
The fact that this web plugin is based on the MOS open standard means that its compatibility and interoperability with any relevant platform – either today or tomorrow – are guaranteed.
The new VSN NewsConnect also gives users simple, straightforward access to all the advantages and features of VSNExplorer MAM media management – such as fast cataloguing; fast, advanced search of assets and video files; proxy player; retrieval of content and so on directly within the interface of the NRCS system of the user’s choice.
We call it “making news your way” because that’s exactly what our new VSN NewsConnect enables users to do,” concluded Utiel. “It gives broadcast and media companies the flexibility to choose how they want to produce their news, bringing together all their tools and making them easily and quickly accessible via an intuitive interface.”
Those interested in discovering more about VSN’s products and solutions can visit VSN’s booth (SL7606) at NAB (8-11 April, Las Vegas Convention Center) or book a demonstration in advance via the VSN website.