Capture and ingest video from any source

VSNAutorec is a video ingest software to record feeds from tape, satellite, studio or news agencies simultaneously and in automatic, manual or scheduled mode. Bet on a quick and easy system for your video capture needs, capable of smartly picking up signals based on availability of the recording stations.

Benefits from acquiring


Multiple feeds and sources
The sources can be a VTR on premise or an external live feed, while the ingest video server can be anyone available on the network. The interface enables to operate the VTR (with support also for an external Jogshuttle) and to perform 3 types of video captures: manual, segmented and scheduled.
Live editing and cataloguing
The video captured and stored in the video servers by categories, supports “edit-while-ingest” in both Avid and Final Cut Pro environments from the moment the recording starts, depending on the chosen codec. It also has features for pre-cataloging content during live recording and for enabling workflows with Time Delay.
Locate available channels
VSNAutorec is capable of automatically locating and selecting the available ingest channels during recording to smartly route the incoming video feed to one of the available recording stations. Likewise, it can warn users of the unavailability of a valid channel for an ingest that was already scheduled.
Schedule your video ingest
When scheduling video ingests, an available channel can be assigned for the task automatically or the user can manually select a specific one. It also enables “chunking” for manual and scheduled video ingests, and pre-cataloging (EDL on-the-fly) for the manual ones.
Remote control
VSNAutorec allows for the remote control of an automated video ingest from any location on the network, assigning the available resources of the video servers and controlling the ingest matrix and the VTRs, if there is any.
Support of multiple video formats
It supports systems of 50 and 59.94 Hz (8 or 10 bits), and video formats such as XDCAM IMX, XDCAM HD MPEG2 420, 422 , DVCAM SD, DVCPRO SD, DVCPRO HD, DnxHD , AVC-I (50 and 100 Mbps), ProRes 422, and many more.
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Video ingest automation with VSNMulticom

VSNMulticom REC, part of the MCR automation system VSNMulticom, allows users to automate the ingest channels from almost any video server available in the market. It controls the preview and recording output ports, allowing manual, scheduled and tape video ingests. It also controls the AV router to redirect the feeds to the appropriate inputs. Recording lists for VTRs and external lines can be precisely scheduled from the same application or from any other remote PC.

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