Road to BCA 2019 – Q&A with Nicholas Morgan, APAC Sales Director

Nicholas Morgan leads the Sales team of VSN in providing companies from the APAC region with the most innovative media management and automation solutions. With Broadcast Asia just around the corner, Morgan answers a series of questions in an exclusive interview regarding the latest industry news and the product developments that VSN will be showcasing.

What have been the main drivers for growth within the Broadcast and Media industry in the APAC region lately?

There are two areas of growth which are obvious. The first one is the switch to IP-based solutions particularly for live events, and the second one is the ongoing expansion of OTT and VoD. Most broadcasters and media companies now understand that incorporating an OTT platform in their overall media offering is essential to address the rapid changes in audience behaviour.

Likewise, some other high-end technologies recently applied to the Broadcast and Media sector are also making their way into the industry, such as Artificial Intelligence.

How is VSN responding to these areas and evolving market trends?

Nick Morgan, APAC Sales Director

Nick Morgan, APAC Sales Director

To adapt to the industry and its evolving trends, at VSN we have for instance, already integrated our VSNExplorer with Artificial Intelligence engines to improve, among others, media management, cataloguing and automatic metadata detection. Moreover, regarding the second growth driver mentioned above, it is very interesting for VSN since broadcasters are currently no longer just “bolting on” an OTT platform to their existing infrastructure, but are rather looking holistically at the entire media supply chain within their organisation. This speaks to improvements to workflows to create new operational efficiencies, essential to a mixed linear and online production environment, which VSN is specialised in providing technology for.

Overall, customers in APAC need to be exposed to new technology options that provide their production teams with tools that are better suited to the fast-evolving and future media landscape, and here is where I believe that VSN’s advanced workflow enabling technologies can make a difference.

What can you offer to the industry to adapt to all these changes and overcome new challenges?

It’s clear that companies must manage their media in a highly efficient and intelligent way to adapt to the constant industry changes and become paramount to driving productivity and cost savings. Therefore, VSN has focused very heavily on its VSNExplorer platform composed by four scalable modules, which have recently been receiving overwhelming interest from media companies in APAC. In particular, the VSNExplorer MAM, the core of the VSNExplorer platform, allows companies to interconnect all the components that make up a fully cloud-based infrastructure and can be easily deployed anywhere and scaled to meet business demands.

Moreover, we are also focused on providing a comprehensive and intuitive media management ecosystem that lends itself very well to customers who are focussed towards multi-platform media delivery.

What can visitors expect to see at your booth at BCA 2019?

Broadcast Asia is the most important show for VSN in the APAC region, which is why we expect to see a lot of traffic by our booth where we will be demonstrating all our exciting new developments. First of all, the new VSN NewsConnect, a plugin for NRCS systems that centralizes all the tools for news production under one interface, allowing for the Journalist to create stories in an incredibly fast & simple way. Then of course, we’ll showcase our suite of Automation products for MCR & PCR together with our new VSNCrea, web-based Traffic and Scheduling solution. Finally, we will highlight the latest version of our MAM & PAM platform, which include advanced AI tools, BPM workflow automation and a Business Intelligence module for generating detailed system or workflow reports.

All in all, the new products and developments that we are bringing to Singapore are the perfect reflection of what VSN is betting on for the future, and I do believe that clients will appreciate our efforts to offer them very advanced, powerful and competitive solutions, perfectly adapted to their needs and to the rapid pace of change in our industry.

Where can visitors get to know more about all these products at BCA 2019?

They can visit us at  booth 4N2-05, where we will be more than glad to welcome then and explain all the new capabilities and latest features of our product portfolio.

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