VSN to Showcase New Capabilities at Broadcast Asia 2019

At Broadcast Asia (Booth 4N2-05) VSN will demonstrate its latest product developments and innovative solutions – based on standard IT infrastructure – designed to support the needs of organizations creating, distributing and managing content who are looking for better ways of maximizing the value of that content. Company will focus on interoperability, flexibility, efficiency, cost reduction .

Nuevo VSN NewsConnect to "make news your way" at BCA 2019 Our focus at VSN continues to be on the interoperability, seamless workflows, intuitive ease of use, flexibility and increased efficiency that broadcast and media organizations need,” said Nicholas Morgan, Sales Director for the APAC region at VSN. “Those themes are incorporated across all the products we’ll be showcasing at Broadcast Asia. Visitors to our stand will be able to see how they can improve the management of their activities, improve productivity, improve processes through automation and improve the integration between systems and departments – enabling them to extract maximum value from their assets.” The VSN booth will feature a number of newly-announced products, including the Media Exchange Solution. Media Exchange acts like a content hub in the cloud (but can also be hosted on-premise) and addresses situations in which media content such as news, sports, advertising, programs, films and TV series – needs to be exchanged, managed and available to more than one location. Easy to use, cost-effective and secure, Media Exchange makes content more visible and more accessible, enabling fast, simple sharing of resources and delivering improved productivity and cost savings. Our customers are looking to replace time-consuming, inefficient manual tasks with automated, centralized communications that can deliver greater efficiency, productivity and flexibility,” continued Morgan. “That’s exactly what Media Exchange is designed to do.” Flexible and highly customizable, Media Exchange can easily adapt to almost any requirements. Content subscriptions for individual media entities that will automate file movement and optimize file transfers according to the entity’s subscription profile can, for example, be simply created. Reports and dashboards allow analysis of each entity’s activity, while organizations can plan in advance the production of concrete content pieces using content forecasts. Also new for Broadcast Asia is VSN NewsConnect, an HTML5 plugin for NRCS that enables users to create a news production environment specifically optimized for their requirements, complementing and improving the media production workflow at any facility. It is designed to simplify and increase the speed at which news is generated – improving efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for users to work with, and switch between, different tabs and interfaces. Users can also preview in real time how final stories – including graphics and video – will look. An add-on for the VSN Explorer platform for media and workflow management, VSN NewsConnect allows broadcast and media companies, in essence, to interconnect via MOS any leading NRCS, CG, NLE, studio playout system and video servers, within a single, intuitive, centralized workspace to create a seamless workflow for news production from which users can have access to all the aforementioned systems and tools for news production. Broadcast/media companies are increasingly looking for the interoperability that delivers greater flexibility while reducing operating costs,” said Morgan. Because NewsConnect is MOS-compatible, it is also brand-agnostic – allowing users to combine it with best-of-breed third party systems and to unify their workflows for news and live production.” “We call it “making news your way” because that’s exactly what VSN NewsConnect enables users to do,” he added. Also on show on the VSN booth at Broadcast Asia is the new integration of VSNExplorer with AI engines. VSNExplorer MAM allows automatic metadata detection and advanced cataloguing functionalities such as facial recognition and the identification of objects, places, music, voice or audio effects. It can also detect action and correlate that action with verbs and relevant terms; identify entities, political parties, logos and brands; and even analyse sentiment and emotions, either positive or negative. VSNExplorer MAM provides our customers with the opportunity to take advantage of their own on-premise AI capability, improving the accuracy of results while maximising the security of data,” concluded Morgan. Those interested in discovering more about VSN’s products and solutions can visit VSN’s booth (4N2-05) at Broadcast Asia (18-20 June, Suntec Singapore) or book a demonstration in advance via the VSN website.