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VSN’s Media Preservation solution protects your files, whether it is a deep archive, nearline, online or in the Cloud. Automatically catalog your content and search, locate and retrieve your media files easily whenever it is needed.

Media Preservation products include

Catalog, store, search, preview & retrieve

VSNExplorer MAM
Media Asset Management
VSNExplorer MAM is a state-of-the-art content and media management system. Web, scalable, open and flexible, it is an indispensable solution for any company that works daily with multimedia content and that needs to catalog, search and locate, publish, distribute, preview and archive content whenever they prefer.
Mockup VSNExplorer MAM for Media Preservation solution
Artificial Intelligence
The VSNExplorer platform integrates via API with top Artificial Intelligence engines from companies like IBM Watson, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or AWS for automatic metadata detection and cataloguing. This way, media management becomes much more efficient, accurate and easy to control and monitor.
Mockup VSNExplorer MAM for Media Preservation solution
VSNExplorer BI
Business Intelligence
Create charts, reports and dashboards with the company's media assets, tasks, workflows and processes information, including data from third-party systems with the Business Intelligence module of the VSNExplorer platform.
Mockup VSNExplorer BI for Media Preservation solution
Quality Control
VSNQC is a Quality Control system capable of detecting any technical error that affects media files in each and every stage of their life cycle. It offers exhaustive information about content quality, warning users about any error that must be corrected and ensuring a minimum quality standards for broadcasting.
Mockup VSNQC for Media Preservation solution

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Who is Media Preservation for?

TV Broadcast and digital platforms
Catalog, organize, store and locate your media assets with the most reliable management solution

Both profiles can take advantage of this solution, which allows assets to be cataloged with artificial intelligence-fed metadata, organised and stored for immediate use, or listed for later use as they are ingested, improving efficiency and coordination at all levels. The solution also integrates seamlessly with third-party systems and manages any storage, becoming the most reliable media core for daily tasks.

icon TV Broadcast and digital platforms
B2B and B2C companies
Coordinate your daily needs, secure your contents in a 100% Cloud environment

Any organization of any size can access a cost-effective solution for archive management: Marketeers, event, information and product managers will enjoy a centralized system to coordinate their daily media operations, but each department can also enjoy keeping their shared media at hand in an intuitive space. This solution can be very useful both for large corporations with many subsidiaries to coordinate, and for smaller, decentralized companies, thanks to the possibility of having all content in the cloud.

icon B2B and B2C cloud companies
Private and public organizations
Control your media’s quality, digitalize, migrate and retrieve exactly what you need
If media is a fundamental part of your activity, this solution can help you in many ways: both as an audiovisual corporation with infinite content libraries to maintain in maximum quality, as if you are a public entity that wants to digitize and migrate its historical archive, or a legal entity that needs quick access to the right clip in your deep archive system, this versatile solution can be the perfect tool to meet the needs of your project, adapting to the complexities of any situation.
icon Control media videos, digitalize, retrieve

Success Stories

Videohouse logo



A system that would be the sole repository for the safe and future-proof archiving and managing of their clients’ media content while providing simple, efficient and reliable access.


Videhouse, a Belgian production company that offers creative and technical services to customers worldwide.


A beskpoke solution with a Multi-tenant MAM at its core and complemented with other VSN modules (PAM, BPM and BI).
Riot Games logo

Riot Games Brazil


Organize, edit and distribute the content generated in their E-sports events.


Riot Games Brazil, the national League of Legends championship organization.


Through the implementation of a deep-archive system that allowed to add, search, locate, edit and distribute content via VSNExplorer MAM and Wedit.
RTRM logo

Radiotelevisión de la Región de Murcia


A complete system migration and upgrade of the Media Asset Management used by the organization.


Radiotelevisión de la Región de Murcia (RTRM), a Spanish regional broadcaster.


Through a smooth and intuitive transition made possible thanks to VSNExplorer MAM, with the addition of BI capabilities through VSNExplorer BI.

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