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Focusing on easing the journalists’ daily work, VSN offers a solution that covers the entire newsroom workflow in an easy and uniform environment. From news writing including video, voiceover and graphics, to broadcast or publishing in any platform or device, all of it can be completed from one centralized interface.

Media Stories products include

Produce news your way

VSN NewsConnect
Plugin for NRCS
The first web plugin of a MAM system to bring together all third-party tools required for News Production (NRCS, NLE, CG, studio playout, video server, etc.), making them all accessible through the NRCS’s interface of the user’s choice.
VSN NewsConnect integrated within Ross Inception NRCS
VSNExplorer PAM
Production asset management
Software that increases the efficiency of production environments by managing and tracking media through all the creative process, allowing users to collaborate, delegate and keep an eye on all the processes taking place in the company and their current stage.
Studio automation
Simple, reliable and flexible studio playout, capable of controlling up to 16 video server channels (4 in A/B/C/D rundown and up to 8 auxiliary video server channels). It is MOS compatible, allows for non-stop dynamic configuration without affecting the operation, and can be fully integrated with third party NRCS systems.
Artificial Intelligence
VSNExplorer integration with AI engines from top providers such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Google Cloud, AWS or its own VSN AI allows for automatic metadata detection and cataloguing. Metadata can relate to file characteristics (format, size or date of creation) or to its content, whether it relates to video (image processing, object detection and contextual information), audio (speech-to-text, text transcription and translation, or audio effects detection), actions performed, sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) or people (face recognition).

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Who is Media Stories for?

Television channels
Set up your news environment with complete freedom and with a profitable solution that lasts in time
Media Stories brings great versatility to traditional TV stations. It allows them to create their news production environment flexibly by integrating via MOS the most optimal third-party systems for their needs without having compatibility problems. By extension, this also means that if any technical requirement changes in the future, only part of the installation can be replaced and not the whole thing, which turns out to be very cost-effective.
News corporations & Media groups
Edit as a team from different studios, manage every file from a centralized hub
News companies with different correspondences or locations can rest assured that this solution covers all their usual needs. Users can edit video, audio, graphics and EDL’s collaboratively to prepare the contents, and can use VSNExplorer’s advanced media management functionalities to support their tasks by searching, retrieving and cataloging from the NRCS interface.
Digital media & News agencies
Create and distribute worldwide swiftly from a single integrated interface
In a world where news can spread worldwide in a matter of seconds, digital media and news agencies need to stay on the edge of technology to gain visibility. This solution provides a unified environment in which to develop every news production task without even switching windows, a valuable advantage to help their critical swiftness. Additionally, it allows to deliver news to every playout system, web TV, social media or OTT platform with one single click.

Success Stories

logo Formula TV

Formula TV


An End-to-End solution to cover its entire news production workflow, as well as the channel’s automation and distribution workflows.


The Georgian Formula TV channel created by video and TV show production company Formula Creative.


A solution completely composed of VSN's products (MAM, PAM, One TV, NewsConnect, Livecom, Autorec and Broadrec) to create integrated workflows to manage their media lifecycle and produce news from a single interface.
logo Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Pontifical Xavierian University of Colombia


A perfect integration of its existing technological solutions with a complete system of news production


The Centro Ático of The Pontifical Xavierian University of Colombia.


Through a solution based on VSNExplorer MAM for content management, VSNLivecom for playout automation and VSNNewsConnect for NRCS integration.

logo TV Ukraina

TV Ukraine


A complete-end-to-end news production solution that would be completely future-proof, allowing it the flexibility to continually expand and enhance the system.


TV channel Ukraine, the most popular national television channel.


Through a solution based on VSN Explorer PAM and VSNOne TV to provide to provide the complete set of media management and news production capabilities that the channel required.

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