Automate today for better content tomorrow. VSN's conference on AI at IBC 2018

Toni Vilalta explained during his presentation at The IABM Future Trends Theatre at IBC 2018 how Artificial Intelligence applied to MAM systems can help journalists and editors to create better content. Watch the entire presentation here.

Toni Vilalta, VSN Product Manager, explained during his presentation how AI-based tools can help journalists and editors in their day-to-day work nowadays, and what is expected to be possible in the near future. The information presented was based on the conclusions extracted from the research project Journalism Innovation Hub of the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE, with whom VSN collaborates closely as a technological partner. “Everyday searches on databases will include AI features in the future,” says Vilalta. “Auto-fill of edit timeline based on context will also be very interesting. Imagine as a journalist […] that you can search for specific content and that all segments are automatically included in your video editor timeline, so that you don’t have to spend time previewing all those videos to select the segments you are interested in, but rather spend that time on creating better quality content,” adds Vilalta as he explains the future benefits of AI applied to media management and production.

Learn more about VSNExplorer MAM and its AI capabilities here.

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