VSN closes IBC 2016 with new international agreements and a great welcoming of all its latest software developments

After five intense days, VSN closes one year more its participation in IBC with a great welcoming of all its new developments and with excellent feelings regarding the company’s future. This year, some interesting agreements such as the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the company Huawei or the brand-new Quality Check technology and the latest improvements in HTML5 have all been, without a doubt, some of the most relevant points of the event. Therefore, VSN ends up with record number of live Demos, as well as with high satisfaction levels of all the attendees to its booth.

One year more, Amsterdam closes the doors of an impressive IBC trade show that leaves for VSN great prospects of future and very good feelings. This 2016 event will be remembered as one of the most relevant for VSN in terms of agreements with top leaders partners and clients, as well as for the great welcoming that audience gave to all the brand-new software developments that the company presented in Amsterdam. The latest integration of VSNEXPLORER with Thesaurus online was without a doubt one of the most remarkable advances shown at IBC. It allows for automatically linking any published word with additional data (maps, pictures, locations, history, biography, etc.) extracted from online sources, thanks to the Linked Data technology.

One of the biggest expectations of IBC 2016 was the recently launched VSNEXPLORER integration with Thesaurus online.

One of the biggest expectations of IBC 2016 was the recently launched VSNEXPLORER integration with Thesaurus online.

Together with this integration, other innovations that grabbed the attention of all the attendees were the recently launched Quality Check technology VSNQC, the advanced workflow for News Production jointly developed with Ross Video, the latest developments for VSNEXPLORER on HTML5 and the advanced functionalities of this media and business process management solution in online work environments, thanks to its 100% web-based interface and its integration with Cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure Media Services. More specifically, some functionalities like the speech-to-text, auto-cataloguing or the latest developments on Keyframes have received numerous requests for live Demos at the company’s booth.

Apart from these improvements on VSN’s solutions, this year it was of special relevance for the company the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Huawei company, in order to jointly promote an advanced solution for media management and storing. In particular, both companies star products, VSNEXPLORER MAM and OceanStor 9000 storage, will be jointly promoted thanks to this new agreement. The main goal will be offering clients a powerful tool for managing their multimedia resources in an easy, efficient and intelligent way, in order to optimize their monetization at most.

Huawei’s great portfolio of clients and solutions, together with the integration with our platform, will offer VSN’s clients a real value. It will also help Broadcast and Media sectors to improve the digital media management’, stated VSN’s CEO, Jordi Utiel, at the launch ceremony of the joint solution. ‘We are excited with this new agreement because, thanks to this MoU, VSN will certify all Huawei’s solutions for Media storing while Huawei itself will start to sell and promote VSN’s advanced software within its range of products’.

Thanks to this new agreement, VSN and Huawei will promote new joint solutions to foster advanced and efficient media management and storage systems.

Thanks to this new agreement, VSN and Huawei will promote new joint solutions to foster advanced and efficient media management and storage systems.

‘VSN’s expertise in the broadcast sector means this collaboration is of huge benefit for both companies’, added the Huawei’s Vice President for Western Europe, Li Xiaoke. ‘With Huawei’s commitment with its customers to manage media assets effectively and VSN’s experience, we look forward to a very successful future working together’.

Furthermore, there have to be also highlighted all the presentations that VSN team offered both at Huawei Media Forum and SGL booth during IBC celebration. On the one hand, VSN’s PMO Director, Mr. Hugo Bastos, presented at the Huawei Media Forum what MAM and PAM systems properly integrated can do for a company and how they can boost its productivity and efficiency while reducing the industry’s most common bottlenecks. On the other hand, VSN’s Sales Consultant for EMEA region, Mr. Álvaro Montalbán, presented at SGL’s booth how VSN and SGL systems can together provide an efficient solution for archive and retrieval of content processes between the online storage managed by VSNEXPLORER and the archive storage system managed by Flashnet.

Finally, this year’s trade show has also been remarkable because of the tight collaboration promoted between VSN and its Dutch partner, Arbor Media, which has been hosted at VSN’s booth to allow clients discover the advanced workflow jointly developed by both companies in the last years, in order to improve media monitoring.

Thus, an IBC trade show more impressive than ever ends with excellent results for VSN and with a great impact for all its latest technological developments. Now, preparation for upcoming international trade shows keeps going at VSN until the end of 2016. The software company will soon attend Tecnotelevisión&Radio at Colombia (from the 11th to the 13th of October) and NAB Show at New York (9 and 10 of November).

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